Car Buying and Selling Regulations in Mississippi

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Before purchasing a new or used car from a dealership or private seller, you should do your homework well. Determine what type of car you need to meet your lifestyle and budget. You will also need to check for the cost of insurance cover for the vehicle you are purchasing. The car insurance cost varies greatly depending on the type, model or year of the car.

Buying a Car in Mississippi

When you buy a vehicle in Mississippi, you will need to handle all the paperwork needed in order to register or title the vehicle in your name. Be sure to obtain the following documentation from the seller:

  • The original title signed over to you. If you are purchasing a new car, you need to obtain the manufacturer's certificate of origin.
  • You also need a signed bill of sale.
  • You also need to obtain a completed Form 78-015 (Odometer Disclosure Statement).

After completing your purchase, you will have 7 days to title and register the vehicle in Mississippi. You will need to take the above documentation plus all the applicable fees to your local tax collector’s office. You will also need to pay $14 registration fee, sales taxes, privilege tax and valorem taxes. The value of taxes that you will need to pay will depend on the county of residence and the value of your vehicle.

Buying Without a Title

Ideally it is hard to title and register a vehicle without a title. If you still want to see whether you can title a vehicle that wasn’t previously titled, contact the Mississippi Title Bureau at (601) 923-7640 for directions. In this case, you may be allowed to apply for a bonded title.

Tips for Buying a Car

  • Bear in mind that highly priced vehicles do not translate to safety or reliability of the vehicle.
  • Order the vehicle history report of the car you are purchasing. This report contain a detailed information about the vehicle accident history, damage and repair history, odometer readings and VIN.
  • Never sign a blank financial form.
  • Make sure all contracts are in written.
  • Before purchasing a vehicle, have it inspected by a qualified mechanic.
  • If you are purchasing a used car from a dealer, ask the dealer to provide you with the address and the name of the previous owner.
  • Make sure the VIN on the vehicle you are purchasing matches the one on the title.
  • Insist on agreement contact made in writing.
  • The best deals for new cars usually occur between the months of July through October. This is the period when dealers are desperately trying to create new space for new models. You can also get a good deal during December period, when salesmen are desperately trying to achieve their target.

Selling a Car

Selling a car in Mississippi is a straightforward process. Be make sure you have all copies of documents regarding your vehicle. Obtain all the applicable documentation regarding your vehicle in order to complete your sale.

Selling Without a Title

It is not possible to sell a vehicle without a title. If the title is missing or damaged, you will have to apply for a duplicate copy before you complete your sale. To do so, you will need to complete and submit Form 78-006 (Application for Replacement Certificate of Title) to your tax collector’s office.

Selling Without a Registration

The registration certificate is not required when selling your car. Check with your tax collector’s office to verify whether you have any outstanding fees or fines before selling your vehicle. It will be the responsibility of the buyer to register the vehicle with the tax collector’s office after obtaining the title from you.

Tips for Selling Your Car

  • If you get the buyer giving the best price, insist on payment made though a certified check.
  • Use the Kelley Blue Book to check the values of your car. This will help you determine the best price for your car.
  • Clean up your car to make it appealing to potential buyers.
  • Also take your car for repair to fix any part or mechanical problem it might have.
  • Finally, plan to advertise your car in your local newspaper or on various classified sites. You can also put a ‘For Sale” sign in the window or place a classified ad in your local newspaper or sites.
  • Provide a Bill of Sale to the new buyer.
  • Remove the license plates from vehicle after selling it.
  • Complete Form 78-015 (the Odometer Disclosure Statement) and have it in your hand. The buyer may ask for it.