Car Buying or Selling Regulations in South Carolina

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There is more to vehicle selling or buying than the exchange of money. As a buyer, you need to think of car registration, titling and insurance, as well as emission inspection. Sellers on the other hand, need to think of car insurance cancellation for the vehicle they have sold. As a seller, you also need sign the title over to the buyer and notify the South Carolina DMV of the sale. Both parties also need to think about the required documents and fees required by the DMV in order to complete the sale.

Buying a Car in South Carolina

You can purchase a car from a dealer or a private part. Regardless of whom you buy a vehicle from, you have to do your research before making the purchase. Be sure to check with your car insurance provider about the cost of insurance for the car that you intend to purchase. You can use several tools such as the Kelley Blue Book when comparing the car values. After purchasing your car, you will need to register and title it in your name with SC DMV. Once you submit the required paperwork and fees, you will receive your license plates to mount on your car. You can also request customized, personalized or specialized license plates.

Car-buying tips

  • Ask the seller to give you the original bill of sale. You can pick one from your local South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle before purchasing your car. The seller may also have one, but at least be prepared to obtain a bill of sale form in case the seller doesn’t have it.
  • Keep all the paperwork and purchase receipts concerning the vehicle in your records.
  • Test drive the car to check whether it is roadworthy before purchasing it. Check the steering, braking, acceleration and overall fitness.

Selling Your Car in South Carolina

Before you sell your car in South Carolina, do your homework well by checking the following:

  • Use the Kelley Blue Book to check the value of your car. This will help you determine the best price for your car.
  • Clean up your car to make it appealing to potential buyers.
  • Also take your car for repair to fix any part or mechanical problem it might have.
  • Plan to advertise your car. You can put a ‘For Sale” sign in the window or place a classified ad in your local newspaper or sites.
  • Collect all the paperwork concerning your vehicle. The paperwork that you need includes the original title, registration papers and a bill of sale. The south Carolina DMV requires original papers. Online forms are only samples, so you need to pick original forms from SC DMV before you sell your car.

Buying and Selling a Car without Paperwork

In South Carolina, it is against the law to sell or buy a car without a title. Beware of sellers who may attempt to sell vehicles without a title, as it may signal that they don’t really own that car. If the title is missing, lost or destroyed, ask the seller to apply for a duplicate copy from the SC DMV and give it to you. Once you have received your duplicate title, you can proceed with the purchase. Registration papers are not required when registering your newly purchased car in South Carolina. However, these papers are needed in your records and can be used to verify the tags on the vehicle.