Arkansas Driving Records

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Arkansas driving record is a detailed report that shows your driving history, including your committed accidents, violations, suspensions, convictions and other information. You should always request a copy of your driving record to make sure that it is correct and up-to-date.

Information in your Arkansas Driving Record

Your Arkansas driving record contains the following information:

  • Driver’s license suspensions or revocations if there are any
  • Records on all accidents caused or involved in
  • Points against your license.

Who Sees Your Driving Record?

Your Arkansas driving record can also be viewed by court, your insurance company, employer, and any government agency. For instance:

  • Insurance companies — they use your driving record to determine your car insurance premiums
  • Employers — they may request your driving record as part of their employment screening procedure
  • Courts and government agencies — they may request a driving record to be used for court proceeding or any other government purpose.

NOTE: Individuals and employers must have a written permission from you in order to view or obtain your driving record.

Types of AR Driver Records

The Department of Finance and Administration in Arkansas issues the following types of driving records:

  • Insurance record
  • Commercial record.

Insurance Record

This is a 3-year driving history record containing accidents, DUIs convictions, driving violations and associated points. This record is mostly issued to drivers and insurance companies.

Commercial Record

A commercial record is commonly called employment record. It has an entire driving history of a person. It is often issued to employers of professional drivers. Most minor violations stay for a short period, but major violations may stay for several years.

Ordering an Arkansas Driver Record

You can order your Arkansas driving record online, by mail or in person at the DFA.


You can use Online Driver Record Request System when requesting your Arkansas driving record online. You will have the option of selecting ether insurance record or commercial driving record. Regardless of the type request made, you will need the following information:

  • Your Arkansas driver’s license number and date of issue
  • Your Social Security number (Last 5 digits)
  • A credit card for payment of driving record fees (a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover card).

By Mail

You can also order your Arkansas driving record by mail. The following things are needed:

  • Completing a Driving Records Request form
  • Paying the applicable fee.

These things must be mailed to: Driving Records Room 1130 P. O. Box 1272 Little Rock, Arkansas 72203

In Person

To order your Arkansas driving record in person, you need to complete a Driving Records Request form and take it to the locations below:

  • The Little Rock Driving Records Office
  • An Arkansas Revenue Office.

Remember to include a check equivalent to the required application fees.

Fees for Arkansas Driving Records

The fees for your Arkansas driving record depend on the type of record you want to request and the method of ordering. For insurance record: $10 if you are requesting it online or $7 for mail or in person Commercial record: $13 if you are requesting it online or $10 for request in person or by mail.

Correcting Your Arkansas Driving Record

If your Arkansas driving record has incorrect information, you can contact the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration to request rectification. You can do so by calling them at (501) 682-7207. Always confirm that your driving record is correct, since most insurance companies use a driving history when calculating car insurance rates.