Driving Records in Hawaii

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Your Hawaii driving record is an important report. If this report contains a lot of traffic violations and accidents, you are more likely to pay for higher insurance premiums or face a number of penalties. By monitoring your Hawaii driving record, you will be able to:

  • Track your traffic violations
  • Monitor for possible identity theft
  • Verify that all information is correct.

Information of your Hawaii Driving Record

Your Hawaii driving record contains the status of your driver’s license (suspensions, revocations and cancelations), traffic convictions and tickets, license reinstatement fees debts, point earned as a result of violations or accidents caused and personal information associated with your driver’s license (name, age, address and SSN).

Who Sees Your Driving Record?

Under the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA); your driving record will only be released if they are requested by:

  • Individuals with written consent from you
  • Insurance or rental car companies
  • Government or law enforcement agencies
  • Employers of commercial driver license holders.

Types of Hawaii Driving Records

These are Hawaii driving records that you can order from the Hawaii Department of Transportation:

  • Driver history records — your driving history record shows a 3 year history including your name, date of birth, mailing address, driver’s license status, traffic violations, accidents and driver’s license suspensions and revocations.
  • Traffic court reports (complete abstracts) — this record contains all the information on traffic abstract plus equipment and parking citations.
  • Certified traffic abstracts — this record contains a detailed driving history, including information such as alleged moving violations, convictions and driver’s license revocations. This record is mainly required by insurance companies and employers.

Ordering a HI Driver History Report

You can request a copy of your Hawaii driving record by mail or in person.

In Person

To request your Hawaii driving record, visit any Hawaii district court. Take with you a filled and completed Form 2067 (Request for Hawaii Driver History Record Form). Carry the proof of identification with you, which could include: valid driver’s license, state ID or Military ID card. Also carry a $9 fee.

By Mail

You can also request your Hawaii driver’s license by mail. You will need:

  • Form 2067 (Request for Hawaii Driver History Record Form) filled with the required information. This form must be notarized.
  • Include a self-addressed envelope.
  • Include a check or money order of $9 payable to the District Court.

Mail your application to the address listed on the form. You’ll receive your Hawaii driving record by mail within 10 days.

Employer Requests for Driving Records

The law allows employers described as “motor carriers” to request your Hawaii driving record to use them for pre-employment screening purpose. If you are such an employer, you will have two options when requesting a driving record for your current or prospective employees:

  • Option 1: Filling the Request for Hawaii Driver History Record and taking it in person to any Hawaii district court
  • Option 2: Filling, signing and notarizing the Request for Hawaii Driver History Record form and mailing it to the address listed on the form.

Ordering Hawaii Traffic Abstracts

If you need a traffic abstract, you can order it by mail or in person. The procedure for requesting this form is basically similar to that of other records. You can order the driving abstract of another person. The procedure is the same and you need to pay the same amount of fees as that of other forms.

Ordering a Traffic Court Report

If you need a traffic court report, you must order it in person by visiting any Hawaii district court. You must carry a valid picture ID with you. Traffic court reports cost $1 for the first page and $0.50 for each additional page.

Correcting Errors on Your Driving Record

If you find some errors on your Hawaii driving record, you can contact the Hawaii Department of Transportation to have them corrected. Use the contact details below:

If you have any concern involving any convictions that you may have faced, contact any Hawaii district court. Contact your county driver licensing office if you have any question of suspensions, revocations or restrictions on your driver’s license.