Driving Records in Kansas

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Whether you need to order your own driving history, or perhaps someone else’s Kansas driving history (a motor vehicle record), you’ll obtain it via the Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) Driver Solutions. Your driving history and can be used by:

  • Employers and businesses for background checks
  • Insurance companies to adjust policy premiums
  • Government agencies and courts.

Types of Kansas Driving Records

You’ll get the following driving records with the Kansas DOR:

  • Non-certified motor vehicle record (MVR)
  • Online, limited driver’s license record
  • Certified motor vehicle record.

Your Kansas driving record includes your:

  • KS driver’s license number, status, class and issue date
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Accidents
  • Physical description
  • Traffic convictions, violations and citations
  • Contact the KS DMV at (785) 296-3963 for more information about the various types of KS driving records.

Order a Kansas Driving Record

Based on the type of driving record you require, you may be able to either order it through:

  • By mail
  • Online
  • In person.


You can only order limited driver’s license record online. To order a limited driving record online, you need to visit the website for Kansas DOR Motor Vehicle Records and:

  • Put your personal information and your mailing address
  • Indicate that you are requesting your own record
  • Pay the charges.

By Mail or In Person

In order to obtain a Kansas certified or non-certified motor vehicle record (MVR) in person or by mail, you’ll need:

  • A completed Request Form (TR/DL 302)
  • To make a payment.

Then, Take your payment and form in person to your local Kansas’s DMV office, or perhaps mail them to: Kansas Department of Revenue Driver Solutions P.O. Box 12021 Topeka, KS 66612-2021 It is worth to note that if you were ordering someone else’s Kansas driving record and you have the driver’s consent, you must submit a 3rd Party Consent Form (TR/DL 301) that has been completed and signed by the driver.

Employer, Insurance Agency & Attorney Requests

If your request falls into one of the following authorized use categories, you can order the driving record of another Kansas driver:

  • Businesses and employers conducting background checks for pre-employment screenings
  • Requestors with written consent from the driver on the KS MVR
  • Government agencies and courts conducting official business or perhaps using the record in a state, federal, criminal or local civil proceeding
  • Insurance agencies adjusting policy rates and investigating claims.

You can get a complete list of permitted uses on the driving record Request Form (TR/DL 302).

Kansas Driving Record Fees

The following fees will be charged to order a driving record in Kansas: Non-certified MVR: $10 Online driving record: $8.70 Certified MVR: $15.

Accepted Forms of Payment

Requests for Kansas driving record made by mail or in person must be paid for by money order or check payable to “Driver Control”. To make online requests, the Kansas DMV accepts payment made by e-check and debit/credit card only.

Correct Your KS Driving Record

Contact the Kansas motor vehicle report (MVR) if there is an error on your DMV. Call them at:

  • Phone: (785) 296-3671
  • Hearing impaired customers: (785) 296-3613.

Make sure the information on your driving record is accurate and complete. Incorrect information could result in increased insurance premiums, fines and even suspension of driver’s license.