Driving Records in Kentucky

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Office of Driver Licensing is charged with providing you with ways to order and check your 3 and 5-year driving record.

About Your Kentucky Driving Record

Your Kentucky driving record contains your driving history in the state, driving restrictions and particularly any traffic violations. You’ll be able to view either 3 or 5-year record. See what is contained in these record types:

3-Year Driving Record

Your 3-year driving record includes your:

  • License expiration
  • Driver status
  • Traffic violations
  • Driving restrictions.

The 3-year driving record excludes your:

  • Accident information
  • Personal information, such as: Address, Gender, Date of birth and Social Security number.

5-Year Driving Records

The 5-year driving record is only available to you — this means that the third parties cannot view or request it. If you request a driver record for another country or state, you’ll need a 5-year record. This 5-year record includes:

  • All of your personal information
  • All the items included in a 3-year driving record.

Who Sees Your Driving Record?

Your 3-year Kentucky driving record can be seen by anyone. This means that employers, courts, insurance companies or any other interested person can request it. Note: A 3-year record does NOT contain your personal information. It’s only your 5-year driving record that shows your personal identifying information.

Ordering Your Kentucky Driving Record

Ordering your Kentucky driving record depends on which record you are requesting.

3-Year Driving Record

Your 3-year driver record can be ordered online through the Kentucky Driver History Record System. You can order your record or other drivers’ records (up to 50 records). You’ll be required to:

  • Give the driver’s first and last name and driver’s license number
  • Provide and verify your e-mail address
  • Pay a fee of $3 fee with a valid debit/credit card, plus a fee of $2.50 for electronic convenience.

In a matter of minutes, your 3-year driving record should be available and will remain to be available for you to view online for up to 2 weeks. But if you want to keep these records for longer, then you need to print them out or perhaps save a PDF version. If there is a question regarding your driving record or perhaps you want to know how to request a record, you need to call (502) 564-1257 or alternatively, you can electronically send your question to the official website for KY Driver History Records.

5-Year Driving Record

For ordering your Kentucky 5-year driving record, you need to do the following:

  • Visit a local Driver Licensing Field Office
  • Pay the driving record fee of $3
  • Provide the information mentioned above.

Correcting Errors on Your Kentucky Driving Record

Contact the Kentucky Office of Driver Licensing if there is an error on your DMV. Call them at (502) 564-1257. Make sure the information on your driving record is accurate and complete. Incorrect information could result in increased insurance premiums, fines and even suspension of driver’s license.