Driving Records in Washington DC

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The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the department responsible for keeping driving records of all licensed drivers in Washington DC. You can request your driving record or that of other drivers in Washington D.C. Basically, Washington D.C driving record provides a comprehensive driving history, including accidents, points and the status of your driver’s license.

Information on your Washington D.C. Driving Record

Your Washington D.C driving record contains details on your driving history, including accidents, points, tickets and driver’s license status (suspensions, revocations, restrictions etc).

D.C. DMV Driver Violation Point System

The D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles adds specific number of violation points to your Washington D.C. driving record. Any point added on your driving record stays there for two years. Any violations, fines or tickets you get while driving your vehicle in another state will also be assessed. If you accumulate more points on your driving record, your driver’s license will be suspended or revoked. The length of your driver’s license suspension varies depending on the points received as explained below:

  • 10-11 points: Your Washington D.C. driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days
  • 12 points or more: Your Washington D.C. driver’s license will be revoked for 6 months.

Types of Washington D.C. Driving Records

The following are types of Washington D.C. driving records that you can request from D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • Certified driving records
  • Non-certified driving records.

Non-Certified Driving Records

You may request a non-certified Washington D.C. driving record online. This record is used for unofficial purposes. You can also request it to check whether it is correct.

Certified Driving Records

You can also opt to order a certified Washington D.C. driving record by mail or in person. This record contains the Washington D.C. Department of Motor Vehicle stamp, and can be used for all purposes. You can request certified driving records for the following periods:

  • 3-year
  • 5-year
  • 10-year
  • Full history.

Who Can See Your Washington D.C. Driving Record?

Under the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), only authorized individuals or entities can order your Washington D.C. Driving Record from the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles. So, your D.C. driving records will only be released to the following people:

  • You are the driver requesting your own driving record. In this case, you must provide proof of identity
  • You are a representative of the driver whose record is being requested. In this case, you must obtain a written consent from that driver. You must also present proof of his or her driver’s identification embedded with a signature
  • Law enforcement agency intending to use your record for investigation
  • Government agencies for security clearances
  • Attorneys intending to use the record in court proceedings
  • Insurance companies with written permission from the driver.

The D.C. Department of Motor Vehicle requires you to provide your personal information or that of the other driver whose record you are requesting. This information includes name, date of birth, driver license number and Social Security number. Ordering Your Driving Record in Washington D.C. You can order your Washington D.C. driving records online, by mail or in person. You can pay the required fee by phone depending on the type of record requested.

In Person

To request a copy of your own Washington D.C driving record in person, visit any local Department of Motor Vehicle office in Washington D.C. You will be required to submit proof of identification, your date of birth and pay your driver record fees.


You can also request a copy of your non-certified Washington D.C driving record online. To do so, visit the DMV Driver Record Request page and follow the instructions. You will also be required to pay your Washington D.C driving record fee. You will receive your record immediately.

By Mail

You can also request a copy of your Washington D.C. driving record by mail. To do so, send a written request for your certified driving record to the DMV in Washington D.C. Attach the photocopy of your identification documents such as your driver’s license, U.S. passport and U.S. birth certificate. Remember to include your personal information and a check or money order for your driving record fee in your written request. Then you have to mail your request and payment to: DMV ATTN: Driver Records PO Box 90120 Washington D.C. 20090 You should receive your driving record within 14 working days.

Washington D.C. Driving Records Fees

  • $7 for a 3-year or 5-year driving record
  • $13 for a 10-year or full history driving record.

Acceptable Payment Methods

  • In Person: Accepted payment methods include cash, check, money order or credit cards.
  • By Mail: A check or money order payable to the Washington D.C. DMV.
  • Online and By Phone: Credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard or Discover. American Express credit cards are not accepted by D.C. DMV.

Correcting errors on your Washington D.C. Driving Record

If there are errors on your Washington D.C driving record, contact your local Washington D.C MVD office to have them corrected. This is important because negative errors will make it difficult when applying for vehicle insurance as you may end up paying higher rates.

Paying Fines for Unresolved Violations

You can pay fines for unresolved violations through phone, online, in person or by mail.

  • In Person: Visit your local Washington D.C. DMV office to pay the fine.
  • By Phone: Call the D.C DMV at (866) 893-5023.
  • Online: Visit the Washington D.C. Online Ticket Payment page.
  • By mail: Mail your check or money order using the mailing address above.

Removing Points from Your Driving Record

You can remove points placed on your driving record by requesting a hearing with a Washington D.C. DMV examiner. This department will determine whether you are eligible to remove points from your driving record. You must make a formal request for your case to be determined. You will be required to pay the ticket amount within 15 calendar days from the ruling and successfully complete an approved online driving course within 30 calendar days of the ruling. The Washington D.C. Department of Motor Vehicle will be notified automatically whether you passed or failed the driving course. Removing points from your driving record is a clever move, since accumulated points may lead to driver’s license suspension, fines or increasing insurance premiums.