Driving Records in Wyoming

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Whether you need your own driving record, or that of other drivers, the Department of Transportation in Wyoming allows you to request for one. Continue reading this article to get more insights about Wyoming driving records, how you can obtain them, the fees involved and other relevant information.

Driving Record Information

Your Wyoming driving record will contain the following information:

  • From the past 3 years, it will contain records on Uninsured accidents, moving violations, violations of car insurance laws, driver’s license suspensions, as well as Traffic violations in other states
  • From the past 5 years, it will contain records on DUIs, accident judgments, reckless driving, and vehicular homicide, any felony resulting from driving, leaving the scene of an accident and transporting alcohol to minors.

NOTE: You may also request a driving history for a period of 10 years.

Ordering Your Own Driver Record

In Wyoming State, you can order your own driving record or that of other persons; in person or by mail. Each driving record requested costs $5.

Ordering drivers record in Person

To request your Wyoming driving record in person, take the following to the nearby Wyoming driver examination office:

  • Your Wyoming ID card or driver’s license
  • Payment of drivers record fees by check or other accepted forms of payment.

Ordering drivers record by Mail

You can also request your Wyoming driving record by mail. When using this method, you need to send the following information to the Wyoming DOT:

  • A completed Form DSFR-11e (Release for Driving Record & Personal Information) or
  • A letter of request containing your full name, date of birth and driver’s license number or Social Security number.

The above documents should be accompanied by a check and mailed to: Wyoming Department of Transportation Driver Service – Driving Records 5300 Bishop Blvd Cheyenne, WY 82009 You will get a response within 7 business days.

Requesting another Driver’s Wyoming Driving Record

The law (Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act) allows you or other organizations to request another driver’s Wyoming Driving Record as identified below:

  • Criminal, civil and administrative courts
  • Research companies
  • Anyone with written permission from you
  • Private investigation agencies
  • Agency with regard to driver emissions, recalls, safety, theft or vehicle alterations.

While all the above situations or organizations can lead to the requesting of Wyoming driving record, the common requests are made by employers or insurance companies. If you are compliant with the law, you can request a Wyoming driver’s history for 3 years, 5 years, or a 10-year by filling Form DSFR-11 with:

  • Your name or that of your company, phone number and address
  • The driver’s name, date of birth and Wyoming driver’s license or Social Security number
  • A money order or check for driving record fee payment.

Requesting another person’s driving record

You can also request another person’s driving record if you have his written consent. In this case, you must send the printed and signed Form DSFR-11 to: Wyoming Department of Transportation Driver Service – Driving Records 5300 Bishop Blvd Cheyenne, WY 82009 You will wait up to 7 business days for your request to process. NOTE: You must have an Agreement & Contract with Wyoming Department of Transportation in order to redistribute or resell personal information obtained from a third party. To get their consent, you must mail a detailed written request to Wyoming Department of Transportation, Driver Services using the address below: Attn: Marianne Zivkovich 5300 Bishop Blvd Cheyenne, WY 82009

Rectifying errors on your Wyoming Driving Records

It is important to rectify any error in your Wyoming driving record, since incorrect information can lead to increased car insurance premiums, lead to fines or suspension of driver’s license. Therefore, if there are some errors or mistakes in your driving record, contact the Department of Transport’s customer service desk using the hotline (307) 777-4800.