Nevada Driving Record

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A Nevada driving record is the report showing your driving history, including violations, driver’s license points, traffic citations and car accidents. To make sure your driving record is correct, request a copy of it from the DMV in Nevada.

Types of Nevada Driving Records

The Nevada DMV offers driver history reports of two kinds namely:

  • 3-year history
  • 10-year history.

Most convictions and violations stay on this record for a period of 3 years. This means insurance providers or employment agencies can view most of the information in this period. Information regarding any serious violations like driver’s license suspensions can be accessed by all state Departments of Motor Vehicles for a length of 10 years. Whenever your license is suspended or even revoked and you have not reinstated it, that suspension will stay on your Nevada driving record for an unknown period of time.

Driving Records and Your Insurance

Insurance companies can use the information on your driving record to determine your rates therefore you should correct your driving record by ordering a copy online.

3-Year Driving Record

A 3-year driving record entails:

  • Convictions
  • Demerit points
  • Car accidents.

NOTE: The 3-year driving record does not include your driver’s license suspensions, revocations, or even other license withdrawals.

10-Year Driving Record

A 10-year driving record encompasses:

  • Convictions
  • Demerit points
  • Accidents
  • Driver’s license withdrawals
  • Suspensions
  • Revocations
  • Cancelations
  • Denials.

Ordering a Nevada Driving Record

You can request you Vermont driving record from the DMV:

  • In person
  • Online
  • By mail

NOTE: Certified copy of your Nevada driving record must be requested through mail only.


You can order your 3-year or 10-year driving record online from the DMV in Nevada. You will be required to have:

  • Your Nevada driver’s license or ID card
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • A valid e-mail address
  • A credit card in order to pay $7 as driving record fee
  • A printer.

You can print the driving record only when you use the online service .To access the report again you have to pay the fee again.

By Mail

To order a driver history by mail, you will need:

  • A completed Application for Individual Record Information
  • Check or money order made payable to the Nevada DMV for $7.

Send your application and payment to: DMV Records Section 555 Wright Way Carson City, NV 89711 Certified Copies Certified copies of the Nevada driving record are only ordered by mail. If you’re ordering a certified copy of the driving record you need to pay $7 for driving record fee and $4 for certified records.

In Person

To request a driving record in person, you can go to:

  • Any self-service kiosk. When paying at a kiosk, you may use cash, check, debit card or major credit card like a Visa,
  • MasterCard, or a Discover.
  • Any Nevada DMV office.

You will need:

  • Your driver’s license
  • The $7 fee plus $1 for processing for self-service kiosk users.

Correcting Your Nevada Driving Record

If you want to correct your driving record, contact the DMV Vehicle Records Section in:

  • The Las Vegas area, use hotline (702) 486-4368
  • Reno, Sparks, or Carson City, use hotline (775) 684-4590
  • Rural Nevada or outside of the state, use hotline (877) 368-7828.

Your car insurance company, employer, and government agencies can view your driving record and so be sure that your Nevada driving record is correct and updated.