New Hampshire Driving Records

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New Hampshire driving record is commonly referred to motor vehicle record (MVR). This is an important report that contains information about your driving history. If you are a driver in New Hampshire, you can order this report from the New Hampshire Bureau of Financial Responsibility Division of Motor Vehicles. In fact there are several reasons New Hampshire Driving record is requested. They include:

  • For legal, work or potential employment purposes
  • To check whether it is accurate
  • For insurance purposes
  • To prevent Identity theft.

New Hampshire Driving Record information

Your New Hampshire driving record contains the following driving information:

  • Court convictions
  • Demerit points
  • Traffic citations/convictions
  • Driver’s license suspensions
  • Driver’s license restoration date
  • Details of accidents involved
  • Insurance requirements
  • Ignition interlocks requirements.

Your New Hampshire driving record will also contain the following personal information:

  • Full name including the previous names
  • Date of birth
  • The most current address
  • Identification number
  • SR-22 insurance requirement.

Any points that you may have collected as a result of traffic violations stay on your NH driving record for 3 years.

Driving Records for Employment

Businesses can request your driving record as part of their employment screening record. These driving records contain history of any violations committed; suspensions and other information. One of the fastest way businesses use to order your New Hampshire driving record is online through third party sites. But for official Motor Vehicle Records, they are only provided by DMV. New Hampshire driving record may also be requested by:

  • A government agency
  • Law enforcement
  • Insurance companies to determine your car insurance rates
  • Employers when carrying out pre-employment screening
  • By court to be used in case proceeding.

Other persons cannot access your New Hampshire driving record without your consent. They must obtain a written permission from you in order to access it.

Types of New Hampshire Driving Records

There are 3 types of driving records that you can request from New Hampshire Divison of motor vehicles: These include:

  • Certified driver record
  • Non-certified driver record
  • Insurance driver record.

Insurance Driver Record

Your New Hampshire motor vehicle insurance driver record contains information about the accidents and traffic violations only. This report contains information from the past:

  • 5 years for court convictions
  • 3 years for accidents.

Certified Driver Record

Your New Hampshire certified Motor Vehicle Record contains detailed information about your driver’s license revocations, suspensions, convictions, license restorations and accidents committed. This report includes driver’s information from the past:

  • 7 years for court convictions
  • 10 years for DWI conviction
  • 5 years for accident involvements.

Certified New Hampshire driving records are signed by the Director of motor vehicle and sealed.

Non-Certified Driver Record

You can also request non-certified New Hampshire driving record. This record contains unofficial information about your driving history.

Ordering a New Hampshire Driving Record

You can request your New Hampshire driving record by mail or in person. This report cannot be obtained online. In order to order it, you will need:

  • To fill and complete form DSMV 505 which is the Release of Motor Vehicle Records form
  • To pay $15 as fee for your driving record.

If you choose mail option, your request must be accompanied by either a check or a money order of $15 payable to the state of New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicle. The above documents are sent to: NH Department of Safety DMV – FR Driving Records 23 Hazen Drive Concord, NH 03305 If you want to request your report in person, take the above records to your local DMV office.

Rectifying errors on Your NH Driving Record

If you find an error on your New Hampshire Driving record, contact New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicle at (603) 227-4040 to have it rectified. This is important because incorrect information may impact you negatively with regard to insurance acquisition or financing your car.