Alabama Lemon Law

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Alabama Lemon Law was enacted to enable you to obtain a refund or replacement for defective vehicles that you may purchase. The law was mainly enacted to protect consumers from defective vehicles and financial burden that accompany them. In Alabama, this law will only cover self-propelled vehicles that operate on highways. Not any other type of vehicle such as RV and motor homes or vehicles that weigh over 10,000 lbs.

Qualifications for Alabama Lemon Law Cover and Remedies

If you are a resident of Alabama, your Car may qualify for Alabama Lemon Law cover if:

  • It is 2 years old or less. Another criterion they use when determining the age of a car is the number of miles it has covered. In this case, the car should have 24,000 miles or less.
  • If the manufacturer, authorized dealer, or manufacturer’s agent have attempted to repair it 3 times or more.
  • It has not been in service for 30 days or more and it is in the hands of an authorized dealer, the manufacturer or a manufacturer’s agent.

Dealers are not held responsible for lemon cars. Alabama authorities only blame the manufacturer if your vehicle experiences some troubles. If you car qualifies as a lemon and the criteria is in line with Alabama lemon law requirements, the manufacturer will be compelled to either:

  • Replace your defective car with a comparable new car.


  • Refund the sales tax, full contract price and any other additional charges, title and registration fees or any other finance charges you may have incurred.

The above choices are in the discretion of the buyer

Alabama Lemon Law Complaint

When you realize that the car you have purchased is a lemon, you must report the case to the vehicle manufacturer or dealer. You are then required to file a complaint at Alabama’s Office of the Attorney General Consumer Affairs department. You may either chose to file your complaint online or by email. Many people prefer online option since it is convenient and fast. Whatever option you choose, you must provide a purchase receipt, repairs records and evidence showing that you had tried to solve the issue with the manufacturer or dealer. To get started, you can access Alabama Attorney General’s Office through their official website. There, you can also access an online Consumer Complaint Form. You can also get contact them through their hotline at (324) 242-7335 or (800) 392-5658. Contacting an Alabama Lemon Law Attorney Your journey towards compensation does not end here. The next step is to contact your attorney. Collect all essential documents and evidences regarding your car and book an appointment with a lawyer experienced in consumer affairs. Avoid lawyers who ask upfront legal fees. If your car truly qualifies for Alabama Lemon Law Cover, a good lawyer will not ask upfront legal fees. He will accept to represent you and deduct his legal fees when the case is decided in your favor. Note: Alabama Lemon Law has some limitations. Any lawsuit must be filed within 3 years of acquiring the car from the manufacturer.