Benefits of Iowa Lemon Law

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Buying yourself a desired vehicle can be exciting, but you should be careful not to fall a victim of faulty vehicles. Certain vehicles are classified as lemons. They have defects that can substantially impair their use, safety and value. All is not lost if you buy a car and find out that it is a lemon. You can use Iowa Lemon Law to get the defects repaired. After many unsuccessful attempts to repair the vehicle, the manufacturer is required to refund your money or replace the vehicle with another vehicle of the same condition. If your car is eligible for Iowa Lemon Law protection, and you fail to resolve the issue with your manufacturer, you are at liberty to hire an attorney to fight for your rights in court. Below are some of the overview of this law and the steps you may need to take to resolve the issues with your manufacturer.

Guidelines as stipulated in Iowa Lemon Law

Iowa lemon law does not provide cover for new vehicles with chipped paint. However if your car has defective brakes or other parts and the dealer have unsuccessful attempts to repair the defects, you may have a lemon in your hand. Basically, your vehicle will qualify for Iowa Lemon law protection if:

  • It has covered 24, 000 miles or less
  • The defect occurs within the first 2 years from the date of delivery.

You may receive a refund equivalent to the initial price of the vehicle or get a replacement of another vehicle with good condition if you meet the following condition:

  • Your dealer/repair shop/manufacturer has attempted unsuccessfully to repair it at least three times for the same condition
  • If the defects are likely to cause serious injuries or damage and the attempt to repair it has not been successful
  • The vehicle has not been in service for 20 accumulate days and the condition has not been resolved.

In the above condition, the manufacturer or dealer will be forced to refund your money or replace the vehicle with a new one. In order to prove that you had followed the above guidelines, you must provide the documentation evidence after filing your law suit.

Steps to follow when claiming a Lemon Law Refund

Below are general steps to follow when claiming Iowa Lemon law refund

  1. If the car you purchased is a lemon and you qualify for a refund or replacement of the vehicle, you should notify your dealer or manufacturer through a registered mail.
  2. If the manufacturer fails to repair the defects within 10 days, you may request the refund of your money (less the fee equivalent to the time you have used it) or replacement of the vehicle with a new one.
  3. If you fail to resolve the issue with the manufacturer, you can hire an attorney to fight for your rights.

Note: If the manufacturer from whom you purchased the vehicle has a dispute resolution program, go through their process first before launching your complaint at Iowa Attorney General’s office.