Does Colorado have a Lemon Law?

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One thing many people don’t think of when shopping for new cars is the possibility of them having a defect that will cause endless headache. But this is possible, and in many cases the problem may get unresolved after numerous attempts to fix it. You don’t need to wary of purchasing a lemon. Colorado Lemon Law offers buyers protection against faulty vehicles in the market. In general, if you purchase a faulty vehicle unknowing and attempt to get it repaired by the manufacturer several times, you will be entitled to a refund of your money or a replacement vehicle. Basically in this article, we have detailed basic details of lemon law in Colorado and steps to take if you fall a victim of a lemon.

Colorado Lemon Law Criteria

Colorado Lemon Law is also known as Colorado Warranties Act. This law comes into effect when a new automobile under warranty has recurring faults which compromises its safety, operation and value. This law does not cover:

  • Motorcycles and motorhomes
  • Defects caused by negligence, alterations or defects caused by other parties other than the manufacturer or dealer.

If within 1 year of purchasing a defective vehicle, and after reasonable attempt by the manufacturer or authorized dealer to repair it you may revoke the Colorado Lemon Law. To qualify compensation as stipulated by this law, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have reasonable attempts to repair the vehicle (usually 6 attempts)
  • The vehicle has been out of service for 30 days or more within one year (can be random days of the year not consecutive).

It is important that you keep all documents regarding your vehicle. The required documents include a copy of the purchase agreement, vehicle’s warranty and a copy of repair orders.

Colorado Lemon Law Complaint

Before rushing to file a law suit against your car dealer or manufacturer, you must notify them in written to have a final attempt to repair the car. If the defects are not repaired, the next step is to go through their dispute arbitration program if they have any. If you fail to reach an agreement with your manufacturer or car dealer, you will be left with no option rather than reporting the matter to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you are not satisfied with the services of BBB, you can then file your dispute at the Colorado Attorney General’s office. You can contact the AG’s office through their website or through their customer hotline number (800) 222-4444. Filing a Colorado Lemon Law complaint can be complicated. So you are required to hire the services of a qualified lawyer to represent you in court. To file a strong case, you are required to provide documentation of your vehicle purchase price, service history, repair records as well as evidence of communication with your car dealer or manufacturer.