Kentucky lemon law

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Did your desired car turn out to be a lemon? You should not worry since under the Kentucky lemon law, you will have protection against the financial burden of a lemon. Basically, this law defines a ‘lemon’ as a new vehicle that has been found to have recurring defects that compromise its safety, use or market value. The manufacturer must have attempted many times to repair it (reasonable number of attempts).

Vehicles covered by Kentucky lemon law

Vehicles that are covered under Kentucky Lemon Law include:

  • Those that require registration and licenses
  • Vehicles mainly operated on public highways
  • Those fully assembled and are in the possession of a dealer or manufacturer
  • New vehicles that haven’t issued with a title.

Vehicles not covered under Kentucky Lemon Law

  • Farm machines, i.e., farm tractors
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • Motor homes
  • Vehicle with more than 2 axles.

Kentucky Lemon Law covers vehicles that you purchase from manufacturer only but not those bought from dealers.

Lemon law compensation

If you purchase a lemon, the Kentucky Lemon Law compels authorized dealers or manufacturer to refund your money or replace the vehicle with a similar one. Your will be compensated the following:

  • Money spent to purchase the vehicle less the value for the time you have used it so far.
  • Fees, including license and registration
  • Finance charges
  • Sales tax
  • Government charges including collateral
  • Replacement vehicle of similar type.

What to Do if You Have a Lemon

If you have a lemon you must first go through your manufacturer’s arbitration program before filing a complaint at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Keep these facts in mind:

  • The authorized dealer or manufacturer from whom you purchased the vehicle should inform you (through written) of your rights as stipulated by Kentucky Lemon Law.
  • Dealers or manufacturers are required to notify you if any motor vehicle defects result in repair cost exceeding $1,000.
  • You must notify the manufacturer in writing, if the vehicle can't be repaired in the first year or 12,000 miles covered.
  • If the event of a lemon, your manufacturers must agree to solve the issue at the BBC. The arbitration fees are paid by the manufacturer.
  • Arbitration is provided if the vehicle has covered 25,000 miles or less or it has 2 years or less after the purchase date.
  • Kentucky Lemon law will not cover your vehicle if the defects occurred through negligence or through alteration or vehicle misuse.
  • If you fail to resolve the dispute with your manufacturer, you are at liberty to file a law suit against them. In this event, you can hire a lemon law attorney to argue your case.

For more detailed information regarding Lemon vehicle dispute resolution and settlement, visit Kentucky Attorney General’s Website. This website has Cars and Lemon Laws section from which you can learn how to deal with lemon cases.