Lemon Law in Maryland

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Automobile Warranty Enforcement Law commonly known as Maryland Lemon Law was enacted to protect consumers against faulty vehicles in the market. This law covers new vehicles and motorcycles under the manufacturer’s original warranty. Regardless of the above regulations, all vehicles protected under this law must meet the following qualifications:

  • Have defects that impair the vehicles safety, use or resale price
  • Must have covered up to 18, 000 miles or less or is within the first 2 years from the time of purchase
  • Must have undergone repair for many times (up to 4 attempts)
  • All repairs must have been done by any authorized dealer, not necessarily the dealer who sold the vehicle.

Next Steps

If you purchase a car and realize that it is a lemon, don’t think your car dealer or manufacturer will consider your case and give you a new car or vehicle replacement. In fact they will make it hard on you. This is where Maryland Lemon Law comes in. You can invoke this law and get your compensation. The office of the Attorney General in Maryland is the one that administers this law. You can visit their official website and download a brochure with details on how to file a complaint against unscrupulous manufacturers.

Contacting the Manufacturer

If you detect a problem with your new car, you must inform your dealer immediately to fix the problem. If the problem keeps on recurring after a number of repair attempts, you may be entitled to a vehicle replacement or refund. Before requesting compensation, notify your dealer in written to attempt a repair for the last time. Always keep all the records of communication with your car dealer. If you decide to communicate through letters, use registered mail as they show evidence that you are always in touch with the manufacturer. Under Maryland Lemon Law, your car dealer has up to 30 days to repair the car. If after those 30 days the car is not repaired, you can now go ahead to request a refund of your purchase price or ask for a vehicle replacement. Your car dealer may decide to ignore your request. At this point, you can file your complaint at the office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division. Here, you are required to mail your application form and attach relevant documents regarding your vehicle.

Filing a Claim at the AG’s Consumer Protection Division

If you have notified your car dealer or manufacturer in written to have a final repair attempt but the defects can’t be repaired, then Maryland Lemon Law requires you to go through the manufacturer informal dispute settlement if there is any. If the manufacturer refuses to grant you your request, you may decide to file a claim at the AG’s Consumer Protection Division in Maryland. This office will try to solve the dispute in the best way they can. Usually their decision is final. If you think there resolution was biased, you can hire a lemon law attorney to argue your case in a civil court. If you want to file a strong case, you need to provide all the necessary documentation regarding your vehicle.

Legal Options at your disposal

Arbitration: If a situation between you and your vehicle dealer result in a stalemate, you can choose to grow through various dispute arbitration processes available in Maryland. Many car manufacturers have their own arbitration programs, and in case you choose this option and you fail to agree with the manufacturer, you can go ahead to file a lawsuit in a civil court. Court: This is the final option you have when looking for compensation in the event of a lemon. Maryland Lemon Law gives you up to a period of 3 years from the period of vehicle purchase to file your case in the court of law. If a lawsuit is necessary, you can hire a lemon law attorney to argue your claim in court.