Lemon Law in Mississippi

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The state of Mississippi has some consumer protection laws which protect consumers against faulty products. For instance, Mississippi lemon law is one of the consumer protection laws which were enacted to protect buyers who purchase new vehicles with faults. So, if you purchase a ‘lemon’ vehicle, the office of the Attorney General in Mississippi is your starting point towards compensation.

Steps to get compensation

Under this law, vehicle’s manufacturers are held responsible for faulty vehicles that are sold either through them or their dealers. If you buy a vehicle with some recurring problems and you would like to get compensation under the Mississippi lemon law, then follow these steps:

  • Don’t wait for months to pass before reporting the defects. Report the defects to your vehicle manufacturer as soon as you notice them. Be specific with your complaint and make it as soon as you realize that there's a problem.
  • Keep records of all your purchase receipt, repair receipts as well as the original signed copy of vehicle warranty.
  • Keep evidence of communication (correspondence) you had with your manufacturer when attempting to resolve the problem. These records may include phones calls, emails or registered letters.
  • If you fail to resolve the dispute with your manufacturer or through the informal arbitration program, report your complaints at the Attorney General's office in Mississippi.

Criteria of Mississippi Lemon Law

Your vehicle will qualify as a lemon if:

  • It has a problem that impairs its safety, use or resale value
  • It is under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • The problem can't be fixed after 3 attempts
  • The vehicle has been in the repair shop for 15 days or more.

Under Mississippi lemon law, your vehicle is protected for the first 12 months after purchase. You need to send a written notice to the manufacturer requesting them to have a final repair attempt. If after a final repair notice your vehicle can’t be repaired, you are required to go through the manufacturer’s informal arbitration process to try to solve the issue. If the manufacturer fails to grant you a new vehicle or refund your money, your next step is to report the matter at the office of the Attorney General in Mississippi for arbitration. At this point, you may also want to hire a lemon law attorney to represent your case in the court of law.

Filing a complaint under Mississippi Lemon Law

The steps of filing a complaint under this state’s lemon law are simple. You’ll need to submit a filled complaint form to Mississippi Attorney General Office of Consumer Protection Division. The form should be accompanied with copies of documents regarding your vehicle details, service history and correspondence details. This form and documents are emailed to: Consumer Protection Division P.O. Box 22947 Jackson, MS 39225 For information on Mississippi Lemon Law or filing your complaint, you can call the Consumer Protection Division hotlines at (601) 359-4230 or (800) 281-4418 for out of state customers. In the case of a dispute, this office will investigate your claim and try to resolve the dispute.