Lemon Law in Tennessee

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Did that latest technology Lamborghini that you bought recently turned out to be a lemon? There is good news under Tennessee’s Lemon Law. You can file a dispute at the office of the attorney general or hire an attorney to fight for your compensation rights. It is easier to get your refund or another new vehicle without incurring any extra dollar. The Attorney General’s official website and the Department of Commerce and Insurance (C&I at Tennessee has information that you require regarding lemon law in this state).

What vehicle qualifies as a ‘Lemon’?

Vehicles that qualify as lemons under Tennessee’s Lemon Law must meet the following qualifications:

  • It must be leased or purchased after January 1, 1987.
  • The defects must be serious enough to impair the vehicle's safety, resale price as well as use.
  • The problem can’t be fixed by the manufacturer or vehicle dealer after a number of repair attempts, usually up to 3 attempts.
  • The vehicle must be out of service for a period of 30 business days while under warranty.

Initially, Tennessee Lemon Law was not clear on the type of vehicles it covered and the remedies to it. This law was revised and now covers only new vehicles that meet the above qualifications. If your car meets the above provided qualifications, the dealer or manufacturer is authorized to refund your purchase price or replace the vehicle.

What to Do if You Have a Lemon?

If you realize that your vehicle has a serious defect, you must inform your manufacturer immediately. You must also take it to the manufacturer for repair. The manufacturer is allowed to make a reasonable number of attempts to correct the problem. If the defect is serious enough to compromise your safety, make arrangement with your dealer to give you a loaner vehicle to use until the defect is repaired. If the defects are not repaired after a reasonable number of repair attempts or after 10 days from the day of getting your notice, it may be considered a lemon as stipulated in Tennessee Lemon Law. The manufacturer is obliged to refund your money including all applicable fess or replace the vehicle. If the manufacturer fails to comply with your notice, you can begin the informal dispute settlement program normally provided by the manufacturer.

Taking Legal Actions

If you still can’t get your compensation at this stage, you can launch your complaints at the department of consumer protections under the office of the Attorney General. You can also hire an attorney experienced in lemon law to begin formal legal action. Tennessee Lemon Law only covers vehicles with defects that occur during the first year of purchase. Report your dispute within the first year of purchase normally counted from the day of purchase or within six months warranty expiry.

More Information

For more detailed information on how to file a dispute under Tennessee Lemon Law, visit the official website of the Office of the attorney general or Department of C&I section. You may also contact the Division of Consumer Affairs at (800) 342-8385 or (615) 741-4737.