Lemon Law in Wyoming

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Wyoming lemon law is stipulated under a statute (40-17-101). The basics of this law are similar to that of lemon laws on most states. This law protects consumers against defects vehicles.

Cars that qualify as lemons

The vehicle must be brand new and be under the original manufacturer’s warranty. If you purchased a used car with thousands of mileage, you can’t get far when trying to use this law to get compensation, if the car is a lemon. You must also report the defect within one year of purchase. The manufacture is required to attempt fixing the problem. Allow them a reasonable number of attempts to fix the problem. Under Wyoming lemon law, a “reasonable number of attempts” is defined as 3 or more attempts done within the first year of purchase, or accumulate 30 days in a repair shop.

Your Options

If after those repair attempts or after 30 business days, the problem is not fixed, you will be convinced that you purchased a lemon. At this stage, you may request your refund or vehicle replacement from the manufacturer. At this stage, a manufacturer can play hard on you and fail to comply with your request. If this is the case, you will be left with no option other than filing your complaint at Wyoming Attorney General’s Office. You can also hire a practicing lemon law attorney to argue your case under Wyoming lemon law in a civil court. A lawyer who specializes in lemon law cases will take your case and advise you accordingly. If you have a lemon, they agree to represent you in court and deduct their fees if you win the case. In order for you to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you really purchased a lemon and you have tried to solve the issue with the manufacturer with no success, you must present documents to support your case. So, start keeping all the records and receipts regarding your vehicle immediately after you purchase it.

Manufacturer requirements after the case

If the case is ruled in your favor, your vehicle manufacturer will be required to either:

  • Replace the vehicle with a comparable type, complete with all components and packages present in the first vehicle, OR
  • Refund your money plus all the applicable fees.

For more information regarding Wyoming lemon law or how to file a case against your vehicle dealer or manufacturer, contact Wyoming Office of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit at (307) 777-7841.