Michigan Lemon Law

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A dictionary defines a “lemon” as a vehicle with faults or defects. Every state has its own law that defines what constitutes a lemon. For instance, the Michigan Lemon Law protects buyers from leased or purchased defective vehicles. According to this law a vehicle qualifies as a lemon if it has been out of service for more than 30 days or has unsuccessfully 4 attempts to repair the defects.

Guidelines of Michigan Lemon Law

You need to report the defect within 24 months of purchase. The defect doesn’t necessarily have to be a mechanical one. Under this law, your vehicle can be repaired if it has paint problem, brake problem, noxious odor or any other problem. What you need to do as soon as you realize a defect on your vehicle; is to report the problem to the manufacturer, not the dealer. The manufacturer will then have up to 4 attempts to repair the defect, and if the defects are not repairable, you could be entitled for a refund of your purchase price or lease payment. The refund you receive includes the actual price of the vehicle, any trade in allowances, license and registration fees, sales tax and other application fees. Incentives, debts and rebates from other transactions aren’t included in the refund.

Significance of Michigan Lemon Law

This law has helped consumers deal with unscrupulous manufacturers or dealers who sell faulty vehicles. Many people have gotten their car replaced or repaired without paying a penny.

Other legal frameworks

The offices of the Attorney General in Michigan and the secretary to the state have tried to set guidelines to be followed with regard to dispute resolution and settlement involving consumers and manufacturers. This effort alone has not helped resolve some issues biting consumers and manufacturers. If your car truly is a lemon, an experienced attorney can help argue your case. He may use other legal frameworks such as Michigan Consumer Protection Act, the Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the Michigan Uniform Commercial Code, and other contract remedies when arguing out your case. If the court finds out that you qualify for a Michigan lemon law protection, you will get a refund of your money or get a vehicle replacement that is in good condition.

Proofing your claims

You must provide all the required documentation if you want the case to be resolved in your favor. The required documents include the vehicle purchase receipts, repair details, accompanying receipts and all the communication evidences you had with the manufacturer in an attempt to resolve the issue. Be sure to provide a copy of the purchase agreement, vehicle’s warranty and a copy of repair orders. Judges may require written correspondence you have had with your manufacturer or dealer.