New Hampshire Lemon law

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After paying a lot of money for a vehicle of your choice, and realizing later that it is full of serious defects, which can’t be repaired, you will be very disappointed and feel like sending your dealer straight back to hell. However, there is a reason to smile if you have bought a lemon unknowingly. New Hampshire Lemon law is a law that was enacted to protect consumers who fall victims of lemon vehicles. This law is administered by Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board. You can report your complaints to this board and if your claim is valid, your vehicle dealer can be authorized to refund your purchase price or replace your vehicle with a new one.

Vehicles eligible for protection under this law

For a vehicle to qualify for cover under New Hampshire Lemon law or Motor Vehicle Arbitration Law, you have to prove that your vehicle dealer or manufacturer did not honor the warranty. Generally, the vehicle must meet the following qualification criteria:

  • An authorized dealer or manufacturer attempted to repair it 3 times but the defects were not fixed
  • Your vehicle spent up to 30 days or more in the repair shop
  • The defects were not caused by persons other than the manufacturer.

This law does not cover snowmobiles, four wheelers or dirt bikes.

Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board

The Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board is the one that administers the New Hampshire Lemon law. You are required to report your claim to this board for arbitration. Arbitration is an informal process of solving disputes involving two or more parties. The Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board in New Hampshire has 5 permanent members and 3 alternate members that keep on rotating membership. This board also has 4 extra members known as consumer representatives (2 mechanics and 2 dealers). The New Hampshire Department of Safety (DOS) has trust in this board and believes that it can effectively resolve lemon law disputes.

Criteria of Lemon law in New Hampshire

Uniform Commercial Code of New Hampshire regulates commercial transactions between two parties. You can read this code to get more insights on how you can deal with unresponsive vehicles manufactures or dealers. In most cases, manufacturer may make it hard for you when requesting compensation in the event of a lemon. If you truly believe your vehicle is under the qualification of New Hampshire Lemon law and the manufacturer has failed to fix a certain defect on it, you can call the services of Nebraska New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board. If you are not satisfied with their resolution, you can hire a qualified lemon law attorney to file a case against your car dealer of manufacturer from whom you purchased your vehicle.

Filing a Claim under New Hampshire Lemon law

To file your claim at the New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board, you must prove that your vehicle manufacturer had failed to fix the problem of your vehicle after a reasonable number of attempts. You’ll need to provide documents to prove your case. You also need to provide application fee of $50 for the claimant. If this board decides the case in your favor, your vehicle manufacturer will have up to 30 days to comply with the decision of the board. For more information regarding New Hampshire Lemon law, call (603) 227-4385.