Significance of Idaho Lemon law

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Buying a lemon may cause you some headache. Good news is that you can get protection from Idaho Lemon law. This law was enacted to protect consumers from the burden of purchasing faulty vehicles. If you purchase a vehicle and find it defective, you can contact your manufacturer or dealer to repair it. After many unsuccessful attempts to repair the defects, the dealer will be compelled to refund your money or replace the vehicle with a new one. This law basically states, “If the purchased vehicle has defects that affect its performance, safety or market value, the manufacturer must refund the money to the buyer or replace the vehicle with another”. Idaho Lemon law was designed with customer’s interest in mind. Even if you have wasted your time trying unsuccessfully to get your vehicle repaired, the fact is that you will not lose your money.

Rights and Criteria of Idaho Lemon Law

Your vehicle is eligible for Idaho lemon law protection if:

  • Your vehicle was purchased or licensed in Idaho
  • It weighs 12, 000 lbs or less
  • The vehicle is used for family/household reasons or personal business matters
  • If the manufacturer’s warranty is still on.

Your vehicle will not be covered if:

  • The manufacturer's warranty expires
  • You have owned the vehicle for more than two years
  • It you have driven it for 24,000 miles or more.

Vehicles not covered by Idaho Lemon Law

  • Motorcycles
  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)

Manufacturer Repair Attempts

If you find some faults in your vehicle, you will need to report them to an authorized dealer or manufacturer before the conditions above passes. If your car qualifies for lemon and it is within the lemon law protection conditions and timeframe, the manufacturer will have up to 4 attempts to repair it. If after a number of attempts the defects are not repaired, you must send a written notice to the manufacturer to have a final repair attempt. Idaho lemon law requires you to use a registered mail when sending your notice. After receiving the notice, the manufacturer is unable to repair the defects, then the manufacturer will either replace the vehicle or refund your money. If the manufacturer fails to comply with the law, you may decide to file a law suit against them.

Filing a Lemon Law Complaint in Idaho

If you fail to resolve the dispute with your dealer or manufacturer, you can report the matter to Better Business Bureaus (BBB). If your manufacturer has a dispute with the resettlement program, go through their process before filing a law suit. If you are not satisfied with their resolution, you can then hire a qualified attorney to fight for your rights. You can access any Idaho lemon law information through Attorney Generals or contact their consumer hotline at (208) 334-2424 or (800) 432-3545.