The significance of Lemon Law in Minnesota

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The state of Minnesota has a law that protects buyers against faulty vehicles. This law is called Minnesota lemon law, a statute enacted to offer legislation on vehicle business. However, the Minnesota’s Attorney General advises that this law does not address all issues arising from vehicle business. So vehicle consumers through their attorney are required to exploit other consumer protection legislations. Basically, Minnesota lemon law requires vehicle dealers or manufacturers to honor their vehicle warranties with regard to mileage covered and period of ownership.

Vehicles that are Covered by Lemon Law in Minnesota

Minnesota lemon law offers protection cover for new vehicles that you purchase or lease within Minnesota. If you purchase a used vehicle, it will only get cover if it is still under the original warranty from the manufacturer. Generally, this law covers vehicles:

  • That have been leased or purchased within Minnesota
  • Used for family/personal purpose
  • Vehicles not used for commercial or business purpose
  • With a lease term of 4 months or longer.

If your new vehicle has some defects, you must report those defects during the warranty cover period or within 2 years from delivery time or whichever comes first. If the same defects continue to recur, the period of cover may be extended to three years.

Manufacturer’s Responsibility under Minnesota lemon law

In Minnesota, vehicle dealers or manufacturers are required to fix the defects if it is reported within the warranty period. After reasonable number of unsuccessful attempts to fix the problem, the manufacturer is obliged to refund your money or replace the vehicle with a comparable one. Minnesota Lemon Law identifies reasonable attempts as either:

  • Up to 4 unsuccessful attempts for most defects
  • An attempt for faults that could cause death or serious injury
  • Repair that has kept the vehicle out of service for 30 days or more.

The manufacturer will have up to 3 years to resolve the problem before you can request for a new vehicle or your refund. In case of a refund, you will get the total purchase price less the value of the vehicle for the time you have used it.

Limitations of Minnesota Lemon Law

The following are some of the limitations of Minnesota Lemon Law with regard to vehicle replacement or refund:

  • If the defect does not impact the vehicles value, safety or operation
  • If the defect is as a result of negligence, misuse or unauthorized alterations.

Filing a complaint under Lemon Law in Minnesota

If you have notified your car dealer or manufacturer in written to have a final repair attempt but the defects can’t be repaired, you are supposed to go through the manufacturer’s informal dispute settlement if there is any. If the manufacturer refuses to grant you your request, you may decide to file a case at Minnesota Attorney general’s office. In this event, you need to hire an experienced lemon law attorney to represent you in court. If you want to file a strong case, you need to provide all the necessary documentation regarding your vehicle.