Understanding Arkansas Lemon law

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Arkansas Lemon law was enacted to protect buyers/consumers from defective vehicles in Arkransas market. If you find that the car you have purchased is a lemon, you can contact your dealer or manufacturer for a refund of the purchase price or vehicle replacement. In Arkansas, they have also enacted this law to define what constitutes a lemon, who bears burden in case of a lemon and remedies available to consumers when their vehicles are totally defective and can’t be repaired. In this article, we have outlined the basic overview of Arkansas Lemon law and the guidelines of repair, getting a refund or a replacement in case of a defective vehicle.

Steps set out by Arkansas Lemon Law

If you purchase a defective vehicle without your knowledge, you are required to try and resolve the issue directly with the manufacturer or dealer from whom you purchased the vehicle. If your vehicle had been covered by a warranty, you should take it to the dealer for repair. In this case, you will not pay for that repair. Any defective car that may cause serious injury or death should not only be repaired, but also conform to Arkansas lemon law criteria.

Vehicles covered by Arkansas Lemon Law

If you reside in Arkransas, your Car may qualify for Arkansas Lemon Law cover if:

  • It has covered 24,000 miles or less
  • Within 24 months of purchase OR
  • It if is within the duration of the manufacturer's warranty.

What is not covered by Arkansas Lemon Law

Lemon law in Arkansas does not cover:

  • Motorcycles
  • Mopeds.
  • Vehicles weighing more than 13,000 lbs
  • The living area in a motor home.

Vehicle Manufacturer Responsibilities

The manufacturer or dealer will get up to 3 attempts to correct the defects of your vehicle. If the vehicle is not repaired after 3 attempts, the law requires you notify the dealer/manufacturer that it has a final attempt to repair the vehicle. Within 10 days after your notice, your dealer or manufacturer must:

  • Repair your car within 10 days of receiving the notice
  • Allow you to take your vehicle to a desired mechanic near you.

If your vehicle is not repaired within 10 days of your notice, you should then file a complaint at the respective authorities.

Dispute Resolutions and Settlements

Arkansas Lemon Law sets guidelines on solving disputes between the buyer and manufacturer. If the car you purchased qualifies as a lemon, the manufacturer or dealer will be compelled to replace the defective car with a new one or refund you the price of purchase. If the dealer or manufacturer is a reputable company/person, he will agree to resolve the issue quickly because they want to maintain their good reputation. If are not able to resolve the issue with your dealer or manufacturer, you can contact a qualified attorney to file a complaint against them. Make sure you keep all the necessary vehicle purchase and repair documents. You will also be required to provide evidence of communication in trying to resolve the dispute with the manufacturer or dealer.

Important information

If you want more information regarding Arkransas Lemon law, dispute resolutions and Settlements, visit the Arkansas Attorney General website or contact Arkansas consumer protection hotline at (800) 482-8982.