Understanding New Mexico Lemon Law

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Vehicle Purchasing can turn out be daunting. To be on a safer side, you need to do your research about prices before haggling at the dealer. However, it’s sometimes a useless thing doing all that. You might discover at the end of your business that you’ve bought a lemon vehicle.

What is a lemon vehicle?

A lemon vehicle is a new or used vehicle with major defects that weren’t known during the time of purchase. Luckily, residents of New Mexico State have something to smile about. They have a New Mexico lemon law; designed to deal with the rights of vehicle consumers. The New Mexico lemon law ensures that manufacturers have a reasonable amount of repair attempts and time to fix defective cars before refunding your money or replacing your vehicle with a comparable one.

Spotting a Lemon in New Mexico

In some circumstances, cars purchased are thought to be in a stable condition only to be found having defects. In most scenarios, these represent very honest cases on the dealer’s part and this is covered in the car’s warrant. However, sometimes a manufacturer may decide to sell a lemon knowingly. In New Mexico, a car may qualify for protection under New Mexico lemon law if it meets the following criteria:

  • If the defect can't be repaired after 4 attempts by a mechanic
  • If the car has been out of service for a period of 30 business days or longer.

Note that used car purchases are only covered by the New Mexico lemon law for either 15 days or 500 miles of usage (whichever happens first).

Lemon Law complaints in New Mexico

You must give the manufacturer a final chance to fix your vehicle. To notify him, you must send a registered letter to them indicating that you may invoke New Mexico Lemon Law, if they fail to fix the problem within a specified period. You must mention in the letter the description of the vehicle, description of the problem and the number of repair attempts done. The manufacturer will have up to 7 days after receiving your letter to comply with your demands. At this point, a reputable manufacturer may try their best to fix the problem, and give you a refund or vehicle replacement. If the problem is not fixed after this final attempt and the manufacturer fails to comply with your demands, you must launch your complaint through any informal lemon law arbitration board before taking a legal action in the court of law.

If You Win Your Lemon Law Claim

If the arbitrator rules the case in your favor, the manufacturer will be authorized to refund your money plus any other costs incurred or replace the vehicle with a comparable one. If you feel that you have a lemon but the arbitrator fails to rule the case in your favor, you may hire a lemon law attorney and file a lawsuit using New Mexico Lemon Law. If you win the case, the manufacturer will be required by law to either refund your money plus all cost incurred or replace your car with a comparable one.