Understanding Utah Lemon Law

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Utah Lemon Law legally known as the New Motor Vehicle Warranties Act was enacted to protect you in case if you purchase or lease a vehicle with defects that can’t be repaired. Basically, this law allows manufacturers to have a reasonable number of attempts to fix the defects that your new vehicle might have. In this article, you will find some basic overview of Utah lemon law and the steps to follow if you fall a victim of a faulty vehicle.

Vehicles Protected under this law

The Utah New Motor Vehicle Warranties Act covers new vehicles and motor homes. All these motor vehicles must be under warranty. Used vehicles and motorcycles are not covered by this law. Under Utah lemon law, if your vehicle is a lemon you will receive your refund or vehicle replacement, but your vehicle must meet the following qualifications:

  • The vehicle must have been bought/leased and registered in Utah
  • The vehicle must be new and under warranty
  • It must weigh 12,000 lbs or less
  • The defect must be serious and that it impairs the vehicle’s safety, use or market value
  • The manufacturer must have tried to repair the defect at least 4 times or it must have stayed for 30 days in the repair shop or whichever comes first
  • The defect must not be caused by any other person other than the manufacturer.

Arbitration Process

If you give your manufacturer a final chance to attempt repair and the defect is not repaired, the next step is to follow the manufacturer’s informal arbitration process if they have any. Many manufacturers in Utah use the Better Business Bureau Auto Line to arbitrate lemon law cases. Be sure to keep vehicle purchase receipts and other records. You will need these documents when filing your complaint at the Division of Consumer Protection or in court.

Filing a Complaint under Utah lemon law

If you follow the above steps and your manufacturer fails to comply with your requests for refund or vehicle replacement, you can take the following steps.

  • File a complaint with: Division of Consumer Protection 160 East 300 South, 2nd Floor P.O. Box 146704 Salt Lake City, UT 84114 Fax: (801) 530-6001
  • Include all documentation to support your case. Some of these documents include vehicle purchase receipt, arbitration records, sale tax receipts, vehicle registration fees records and any other records.

If the Better Business Bureau Auto Line resolves the case in your favor, you will be entitled to a refund or vehicle replacement. If you choose a refund of your money, the manufacturer is required by law to deduct some money equivalent to 23 percent of the total miles that your vehicle covered under your ownership. If you are not satisfied with the resolution made by the above body, you can hire a lemon law attorney to sue the manufacturer. If you are looking for information on Utah lemon law or how to avoid a lemon, you can visit the official website of Utah Division of Consumer Protection.