What is contained in Connecticut Lemon Law?

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If you are the only one in your locality driving a new Mercedes Benz, you may be having quite an exciting experience. This is true since a Mercedes Benz is a classy car associated with the rich. But wait until your car starts getting a problem that can’t be fixed. Your experience will not be the same again. So then what do you do? Under Connecticut Lemon Law, the solution is straightforward. If it is proved beyond doubt that the car in question is really a lemon, your vehicle dealer or manufacturer will be authorized to refund your purchase price or give you a replacement vehicle. Basically, this law requires both parties to exploit all avenue of arbitration before choosing a legal option.

Vehicle Eligibility

In order for your vehicle to qualify for cover under Connecticut Lemon Law, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must have leased or purchased a new vehicle that does not conform to the warranty provided by the manufacturer.
  • The defects must be serious enough to impair the vehicles safety, use or resale value
  • Manufacturer must have attempted many times to repair it but the problem didn’t get solved
  • The vehicle must have covered 24,000 miles or less or be within the first 2 years from the date of delivery or whichever comes first.

Filing a Complaint under Connecticut Lemon Law

You must follow the following steps if you intend to file a complaint under this lemon law:

  • You must go through the Automobile Dispute Settlement Program
  • Mail your complaint application forms and a $50 check to the Department of Consumer Protection, 165 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT 06106
  • Department of Consumer Protection in Connecticut will go through your application and notify you within 5 business days.

If the department resolves the dispute in your favor, you will be entitled to either:

  • A refund of contract price plus other documented damages less the value of total miles covered during the time spent with the vehicle
  • A new replacement vehicle of the similar type, value.

This department will not favor any party whatsoever. In fact their decision is final. However, if the dispute is not resolved in your favor and you are not satisfied, you may hire a lemon law attorney to argue your case under Connecticut Lemon law.

Protection for Used Car Buyers

Connecticut has some lenient consumer protection laws regarding used vehicles. However, the state requires manufacturers or authorized dealers to provide a warranty for used cars under certain conditions:

  • Dealers must provide a warranty for used cars under 7 years with a price tag of $3,000 or more
  • If the price tag of a used vehicle is less than $5,000, dealers must provide a 30 day warranty that covers up to 1,500 miles whichever comes first
  • If the price tag of a used vehicle is more than $5,000, dealers must provide a 60 day warranty that covers up to 3, 000 miles whichever comes first
  • During the warranty period of used cars, the dealer must cover the cost of repairs to make the vehicle operational and safe.