Minnesota Motorcycle License

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The State of Minnesota has several beautiful sceneries which motorcycle riders can enjoy looking at as they ride along highways and other roadways. Although, it is not possible to enjoy riding all year long, you can at least enjoy riding during fall, spring and summer months. The state has laws that you have to follow if you want to operate your bike legally. First, you must obtain a Minnesota motorcycle license for your newly purchased motorcycle. Then you will need to wear a helmet and other protective gears while riding a motorcycle. To obtain a motorcycle license in this state, you must have a valid regular Minnesota driver’s license. Then you must pass a motorcycle knowledge test to obtain a learner’s permit before going for driving test, which you must also pass.

Motorcycle Learner’s Permit

For obtaining a Minnesota motorcycle learner’s permit, you must pass the knowledge test at a driver examination center. Before going for this test, be sure you have mastered the Minnesota Motorized Bicycle/Motorcycle Manual.

Motorcycle Driver Education and Training

Once you pass the motorcycle knowledge test, you will be issued with a “Record of Examination” commonly referred to as the instruction permit. You will have to pay $21 for this test. The permit will allow you to practice riding your motorcycle on various streets and roads in Minnesota. However, this permit comes with some restrictions such as:

  • No carrying of passengers.
  • No interstate highway riding.
  • No riding at night.
  • No riding without protective head gear.

If you are applying for a permit but you are younger than 18 years old, the testing center will require you to show proof of completion of required class instruction. You will also be required to present the certificate of enrollment in an approved motorcycle training course.

Road Skill Test

To apply for a Permanent Motorcycle License Endorsement, you may take the motorcycle skill test offered by a Minnesota DVS station. Once you pass this test, you will be required to apply for a duplicate motorcycle license. This license cost around $15.75. You will be issued with a receipt that will enable you to ride your motorcycle without any restriction.

New Minnesota Residents

If are a new resident in Minnesota and you hold a valid driver’s license from another state, you will be required to take the Minnesota motorcycle knowledge test and the Minnesota license knowledge test. If you already have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license, the Minnesota motorcycle test may be waived.

Renewal Fees

You will need to pay $26.25 for your Class D driver’s license renewal. If you plan to renew your motorcycle endorsement, it will cost you additional $13.