Mississippi Motorcycle License

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Once you purchase a motorcycle in the state of Mississippi, you have to think of obtaining a license for it. You will need motorcycle endorsement on your regular Mississippi driver’s license also referred to Class R license. To get this endorsement, you must pass both the motorcycle written and riding tests.

Preparing for the Motorcycle Exams

To pass above tests, you will need to master the Motorcycle Foundation Operator’s Manual. This manual contains useful information that can help you attain the passing marks for both the written and riding test. You can either download this manual from online or obtain a copy from your local driver’s license office. If you are new to Mississippi State and you already have a valid motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle license from another state, the state will honor your license by waiving both the written and riding tests. To get state-specific information about motorcycles, you have to read the manual above.

Getting a Learner’s Permit

Once you pass the written test, you will be issued with the motorcycle learner’s permit. This permit will cost you $1. You can use it to practice riding a motorcycle on public roads and streets. However, a motorcycle learner’s permit comes with some restrictions. You must be accompanied by an experienced licensed motorcycle rider whenever you ride your motorcycle. The rider must be at least 21 years old and has to supervise and monitor whenever you hit the road to drive a motorcycle. You will not be allowed to carry passengers while your hold a learner’s permit. If you feel that you have gained confidence while driving a motorcycle, you can proceed to taking the riding test. Once you pass the riding test, you will be issued with a regular motorcycle license or endorsement on your regular driver’s license.

Safety Courses

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation in partnership with the state of Mississippi offers safety riding courses to all motorcycle riders throughout the state. You can enroll and take these courses at any location in Mississippi. These courses are divided into two: The Basic Rider courses and the Experienced Rider courses. The basic rider courses run for some few days are designed to offer basic skills about motorcycle riding and safety measures. The advanced rider course is a half day course that is designed to improve your riding skills. Once you are ready to apply for a motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle license, you will need to take the following documents to your local DMV driver’s license office:

  • Certified birth certificate.
  • Social Security card.
  • Proof of residency such as (water bill, mortgage documents, company letterhead etc.).
  • Appropriate fees.


If you are applying for only a motorcycle only license, you will need to pay $17 to obtain a license valid for 4 years or $33 for a license valid for 8 years. If you are under 18 years old, you will need to pay $14 only. If you want to add a motorcycle endorsement on your existing driver’s license, you will be required to pay $5 to obtain a 4 year endorsement.

Helmet Law

The state enforces the helmet law for all riders. If you want to choose the required type of helmet, contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.