Motorcycle License in Arkansas

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Motorcycle riding is gaining popularity in Arkansas. Imagine yourself riding a motorcycle down the roads of Arkansas neighborhoods, and you feel the breezing wind in your body; you can appreciate why everybody is yearning to buy a motorcycle. The state has also come in to pass regulations that govern motorcycles. To legally ride your motorcycle in Arkansas public roads and streets, you will be required to have a motorcycle license. You have to be at least 18 years old to obtain a motorcycle license. However, if you are 16 years old, you will be allowed to apply for a motorcycle license so long as your parent or guardian signs the application forms. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration is responsible for issuing the motorcycle license in Arkansas.

Arkansas Motorcycle Licensing Information

You will need to pass both the written and road tests in order to apply for a motorcycle license. The Arkansas driver’s manual contains information you need to pass these tests. Review various sections of this manual to equip yourself with knowledge and skills about motorcycle riding and safety precautions. It is a good source of information that you need to keep a clean driving record. If you master this manual, you won’t need a licensed motorcycle rider to drive you to the testing centers. You will be able to do it by yourself and after the tests; you will be able to drive yourself home.

Motorcycle Safety Courses

The Arkansas DMV recommends all drivers regardless of the level of experience to take the safe riding course. This course is important because it teaches about motorcycle safety measures and protective gears. The law requires you to wear an approved helmet and other protective gears to minimize the deaths and severity of accidents resulting from motorcycle accidents. Good protective gear combination must include a helmet with transparent face shield, goggles and foot and arm rests. If you are planning to travel to other states, check their laws regarding motorcycles before you travel. Most states require helmets and other protective gears in order to legally operate a motorcycle on their roads. Motorcycles are generally smaller than cars. They also have a different rate of acceleration and stopping. This may bring some challenges especially if you are sharing roads with car or truck users. Keep this in mind, and always wear bright colors to get noticed.