Motorcycle License in Idaho

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To ride a motorcycle, you will be classified under a different class of drivers. You will be required to apply for a different type of license in order to legally operate a motorcycle in public roads and streets. You will also need to follow some stringent motorcycle safety rules while you are on the road. If you obtain a motorcycle license and the safety rules, you will enjoy life on two wheels.

Get Enough Training

Whether you are inexperienced or a veteran, you should consider sharpening your skills to be on the safer side. You may consider enrolling in Idaho Skills Training Advantage for Riders (STAR) program. This is a program that was incorporated in the Department of Education to offer courses for those who want to learn on how to ride a motorcycle or sharpen their riding skills. This course is aimed primarily at first time riders to those with little experience in riding motorcycles. The state requires those who are younger than 21 years old to successfully complete this course. Though not a requirement for older people, it is a good idea to sign up regardless of your age. There are also additional benefits of successfully completing this course. If you successfully complete this course within a year of applying for a motorcycle license, you will be exempted from taking the riding tests. For more information about STAR, call (888) 280-7827.


To pass various tests required to obtain an Idaho motorcycle license or permit, you will need to master the Idaho Motorcycle Operators Manual. This manual contains useful information about motorcycle riding, registration, insurance, safety and regulations. In addition to passing the written portion of exams, you will also be required to pass an on-cycle skills exam. However, you will be exempted from taking an on-cycle skill test if you successfully complete an approved rider-training course. You can either pick up the manual from the nearest Idaho County Driver’s License office or download a PDF copy from online. There are several state approved third-party skills test centers that you can approach to take your skill test. They include:

  • Eastern and South Central Idaho.
  • Northern and Western Idaho.

You will be required to schedule an appointment in order to take any of their tests. During the testing time, you will be required to take with you:

  • Documents that show proof that you have taken the written test.
  • A motorcycle.
  • Proof of current registration.
  • Proof of insurance for the motorcycle that you will use to get tested on.
  • To pay $10 fee.


You can also apply for a learner’s permit before upgrading it to a regular motorcycle license or endorsement. A permit comes with the following restrictions:

  • No riding at night.
  • No riding on the freeway.
  • No carrying of passengers.

In order to obtain a learner’s permit, you must pass the written knowledge test. The state will waive the endorsement fee if you add it to your driver’s license during the instruction period. In a nutshell, you will receive a motorcycle license, only if you do the following:

  • Obtain an Idaho driver's license.
  • Successfully complete any motorcycle-rider training course approved by the state.
  • Pass the written knowledge test and the skills test.
  • Pay the applicable fees.


The fees for obtaining an Idaho motorcycle license or endorsement include:

  • $15 for motorcycle endorsement fee.
  • $15 for motorcycle instruction permit.
  • $10 for skills test.
  • $3 for written test.