Motorcycle License in Kansas

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Have you purchased a motorcycle in Kansas and you plan to ride it on Kansas public roads? Kansas requires you obtain a license before you ride it on public roads. You will need one of the following:

  • Kansas Class M motorcycle permit.
  • If you are a minor, you will need a restricted or non-restricted Class M license.
  • If you are an adult driver, you will need a Class M endorsement on your Kansas driver’s license.

New to Kansas

If you have just arrived in Kansas, you must transfer your out-of-state motorcycle license or endorsement to a Kansas one. This must be done within 90 days of establishing residency in Kansas. You will need to visit your local Kansas DMV office to transfer your license. Generally, you establish residency when you:

  • Enroll your children in a Kansas school.
  • Begin working in Kansas.
  • Buy or lease property.
  • Register to vote.

Transferring Your Out-of-State Motorcycle License

To transfer your out-of-state motorcycle license, you will need to:

  • Present identification documents.
  • Have a license in good standing.
  • Provide a Social Security card.
  • Surrender all out-of-state licenses.
  • Pass a vision exam.
  • Pay applicable fees: $18 for a new 6-year Class CM license plus $12.50 for a Class M license.
  • If you are younger than 17 years old, be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian.

Note: If you have a valid out-of-state motorcycle license or endorsement, you will be exempted from taking any test.

Kansas Motorcycle Permit

You must be 14 years old or older to apply for a motorcycle instruction permit in Kansas. Kansas instruction permit is valid for 12 months. If you are younger than 16 years old; you will need to obtain consent from your parent or legal guardian. You will need to visit the nearest County Treasurer’s office to apply for a permit. You will be required to:

  • Pass a vision screening.
  • Pass a written knowledge test.
  • Provide identification to prove your age, identity and residence.
  • You will need to pay $2 permit fees and additional $8 for a photo. Other additional fees may apply.

Less Restricted Class M License

If you are a minor, you can go for a less restricted Class M license. This license is available if you are 16 years old and you don’t qualify for a non-restricted license. To obtain a less restricted motorcycle license, you must:

  • Be 16 years old but under 17 years old.
  • Hold a valid instruction permit for at least 12 months. During this period, you must have completed 50 hours of driving under supervision by a licensed rider who is over 21 years old. 10 hours of that time must have been driving at night.
  • Pass both a written and driving skills test. If you present the certificate of completion from a Kansas approved motorcycle driver education course, these tests may be waived.
  • If you want a non-restricted permit, you will need to submit an affidavit proving that you have completed all the 50 hours mentioned above and carried your Kansas restricted license for at least 6 months.

Restrictions of a Less Restricted License

A less restricted license comes with the following restrictions:

  • You may drive only when going to work or coming from work.
  • You are allowed to drive during the day only.
  • You must be accompanied by a licensed rider over 21 years old.
  • No carrying of unauthorized passengers.
  • No use of phones while riding.

Kansas Motorcycle Endorsement (Class M)

You must be at least 17 years for the DMV to add a motorcycle endorsement on your current Kansas driver’s license. You will need to visit the nearest Kansas DMV office to obtain a motorcycle endorsement. Be sure to:

  • Present a completed Application for License.
  • Provide proofs of identification.
  • Pass a motorcycle knowledge exam.
  • Pass a vision screening.
  • Pass an on-cycle skills test. Or
  • Successfully complete Kansas approved Motorcycle Driver’s education course.

Kansas Motorcycle License Fees

  • $20 for License for drivers under 21 years old.
  • $9 for a 4-year license (If you are aged 65 years old or older).
  • $12.5 for a 6-year license (if you are aged between 21 and 65 years old).
  • An additional $3 for exam fee and $8 photo fee.

Military Motorcycle License Exemptions

If you submit a certificate of completion from a Motorcycle Safety Foundation driver education course, your motorcycle written and driving exams will be waived. If you are using your completion certificate to apply for a license, you will need to:

  • Present your military ID.
  • Your Kansas driver’s license.
  • Present a completion certificate from a Motorcycle Safety Foundation motorcycle safety course.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation certificate of completion does not expire.