Motorcycle License in Utah

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If you plan to purchase a motorcycle in Utah, also think of the application for Utah motorcycle license. The law requires you to obtain a license in order to legally operate your motorcycle in Utah.

New Motorcycle Restrictions

Motorcycles can be fun and interesting to operate, but if you are a vulnerable driver, they can also turn out to be more dangerous than four wheeled vehicles. If you plan to operate a motorcycle in Utah without any issue, you must receive proper training and testing. You must obtain a motorcycle license from the Utah Department of Public Safety, Driver License Division (DLD) to legally operate your motorcycle on public roads and streets. If you have a regular Utah driver’s license (Class D), you will need a motorcycle endorsement. The state has rules that restrict motorcycle riders to drive motorcycles that they were tested on. This means that, if you were tested on a 90 cc motorcycle or less, you can only ride a 90 cc motorcycle or less, the same applies for motorcycles 249 cc and 649 cc. If you were tested on a 650 cc motorcycle or greater, you will have no restrictions. This means you will ride motorcycles of any capacity.

Learner’s Permit Restrictions

If you receive a motorcycle learner’s permit during the first two months, you will only be allowed to ride a motorcycle on a highway with a posted speed limit of not more than 60 MPH. You will also not be allowed to ride it between 10 pm and 6 am or carry any passenger. If you hold a learner’s permit for more than three months without a traffic ticket or causing any accident, all restrictions will be lifted.

How to Get a License

There are two options you can get a motorcycle license as explained below:

Option 1

  • Visit the nearest Utah DMV Office.
  • Complete a driver’s license application form.
  • Submit all the required documents to obtain a new driver’s license.
  • Pass the tests.
  • Pay the fee of $9.50.

Once you complete these steps, you will be allowed to operate a motorcycle or a car under a permit. But you are not done with the process yet. You will need to go back to the DMV office to take the motorcycle riding test. You will be required to take the permit and your own motorcycle with you to the DMV office. Once you pass the riding test, you will receive a motorcycle endorsement on your license within 4 weeks.

Option 2

  • Take and pass a Beginning Rider Course approved Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). This is the convenient way to obtain a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Once you have completed the course, you must submit the certificate of completion to the nearest DMV office.
  • Complete a driver’s license application form.
  • Submit all the required documents to obtain a new driver’s license.
  • Pass the tests.
  • Pay the fee.

Benefits of Enrolling in Beginning Riding Course

By completing the Beginning Rider Course, you will not be required to take the riding (skills) test. This course equips riders with knowledge on how to avoid obstacles. It also teaches riders some street and safety strategies during difficult traffic situations. If you take this course, you will be able to pay low insurance rates.

About The Course

Beginning Rider Course consists of 10 hours on-cycle training and 15 hour classroom training. You will be provided with a motorcycle (150 cc or 250 cc) and protective gears while taking your training.

Approved Motorcycle Riding Schools

The following schools offer approved riding courses. Dixie College 225 South 700 East St. George UT 84770 (435) 652-7664 Salt Lake Community College Redwood Campus 4600 South Redwood Road Salt Lake City, Utah (801) 957-5200 Utah Motorcyclist Association (888) 743-3881 or (801) 394-6564 Note: These schools also offer Experienced Rider Course; a 5 hour course for experienced riders. For more information about this course, contact any of the schools above.