Nevada Motorcycle License

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If you are enthusiastic about motorcycles, obtaining a Class M license commonly referred to as a motorcycle license is a straightforward process. If you plan to go through this process, you have two options: to pass the knowledge and skill tests provided by the Nevada DMV or pass an approved course offered by third party providers.

Third-Party Courses

Courses that are offered by third party-providers are sponsored by the office of Traffic Safety’s Rider program in Nevada. This course offers comprehensive knowledge and skills about motorcycle riding and safety. The following is a list of locations where you can contact to enroll for these courses:

  • College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas: (702) 651-5790.
  • Western Nevada Community College in Carson City: (775) 445-4268.
  • Nevada Rider in Rural areas: (775) 684-7480 or (800) 889-8779.
  • Truckee Meadows Community College at Reno: (775) 829-9010.

A motorcycle and instruction permit will not be required in order to take these courses.

After Course Completion

Once you complete this course, you will be issued with the Certificate of Completion. You will be required to fill a Nevada driver’s license applications, even if you already have one. Then, you will need to submit the above application, your existing driver’s license and your Certificate of Completion to your local Nevada DMV office.

DMV-administered Tests

You can opt for the knowledge and skill tests offered by the DMV. To do so, you will need to apply for these tests at any local DMV office. You will be required to complete the driver license application and submit a copy of your existing driver’s license. No appointment is needed in order to take the written test. You may choose to take the test at the time of submitting your application. If you pass the motorcycle knowledge test, you will qualify for skill tests. Very few DMV offices offer skill tests, so you will need to schedule an appointment for this test. Call the DMV to inquire about the dates and location of future tests. The motorcycle skill test offered by the DMV includes a pre-trip inspection. You will be required to demonstrate your knowledge of a motorcycle, its equipments and controls. If you pass the skill test, you will be issued with a temporary motorcycle license at the office. The DMV will mail the official license to you.

Instruction Permit Optional

Instructional permit is not mandatory in Nevada. You will only need one if you want to operate your motorcycle on public highways and streets before passing all the required tests. The instruction permit comes with some restrictions. You are allowed to ride your bike only when you are accompanied by a rider with at least 1 year motorcycle riding experience and who is at least 21 years old. You will be required to ride your motorcycle only during daytime hours. No carrying of passengers if you are holding an instruction permit.

Study Help

The DMV in Nevada has a comprehensive manual with reliable information about motorcycle regulations. This manual also includes information about motorcycle handling and safety regulations.

Size Matters

Your motorcycle license comes with some restrictions on certain motorcycle sizes. These restrictions vary depending on the type of vehicle used to pass your tests. If you conducted a test for a motorcycle that is less than 90cc, you will be allowed to ride 90cc motorcycles or less.

Are you new to the State?

If you are a new resident in Nevada with a motorcycle endorsement from a different state, the endorsement will be honored. You will not be required to transfer it.