Vermont Motorcycle License

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In the state of Vermont, all motorcycle riders must obtain a motorcycle learner permit from the DMV in order to legally operate their motorcycles. To start this process of applying for a motorcycle license, you must first read the Motorcycle Licensing Guide and Operator’s Manual. This guide is downloadable. It is full of state regulations that you should know in order to pass all motorcycle licensing tests.

Applying for a Learner Permit

You must be at least 16 years old to qualify for a Vermont motorcycle learner permit. If you are aged 16 or 17 years old, you will be required to first hold a junior operator license before applying for a learner permit. You will also need to be accompanied by your parent or guardian to sign your application. You can download the application forms for a motorcycle learner permit online or obtain them from your local DMV location. After filling out your application, you will be required to schedule a testing time at any DMV location. You will need to take and pass the written test which consists of 25 questions. The passing marks for a written test is at least 20 questions. If you fail this test, you have to wait at least 1 day before scheduling another testing time. The DMV will require you to pay the test fee which varies depending on the testing center.

Learner Permit Liberties

Once you pass the motorcycle written test, you will be issued with the Vermont motorcycle permit which is valid for 120 days. During this period, you are supposed to know how to ride a motorcycle. If you are comfortable riding your machine, you can call the DMV to schedule a road test. There phone number is (802) 828-2085. If you feel that after this period you have not mastered all the skills about your machine, you can renew your learner permit for another 120 days. Renewing your permit is free of charge. However, you will be required to renew your permit only twice. You should keep in mind that road testing time is limited. So plan earlier when applying for your Vermont motorcycle learner permit. There are various restrictions of riding a motorcycle under a permit. First you will be required to ride during day time only. No carrying of passengers during this time.

Road Test Study Aids

The Rider Education Program in Vermont offers riders with instructions about motorcycle riding and safety. This course is not mandatory but it is recommended if you plan to apply for a motorcycle road test.


When going for road testing, be sure to take with you:

  • Your motorcycle learner permit.
  • Proper goggles.
  • A Vermont DOT approved helmet.
  • Valid insurance card.
  • Proper registration.
  • Your regular Vermont driving license.

Be prepared to carry other optional protective gears such as the riding jacket, leather gloves and boots. Sneakers are not allowed when taking road test. The road test consists of exercises meant to measure your riding judgment, motorcycle handling skills and your response skills. You will be required to pay $2 per year for the Vermont motorcycle endorsement and other fees for maintaining a regular driver’s license.