West Virginia Motorcycle License

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Although four-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles seem to fall under different category of transportation means, the process of obtaining licenses to legally operate them is similar. What we mean here is that the process of obtaining your West Virginia Motorcycle License is similar to that of obtaining a West Virginia Vehicle driver’s license or Commercial driver’s license endorsement.

Motorcycle Endorsement

In order to qualify for a motorcycle endorsement (F) on your current West Virginia driver’s license, you will need:

  • To be holding a current Class E driver's license.
  • Pass a knowledge and on-bike skills test (these are usually written tests which you will need to prepare for by studying the West Virginia’s Motorcycle Operator Manual).
  • If you are younger than 18 years old, then you need to successfully complete Level II Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL).

You can visit your local DMV office to apply for a West Virginia Motorcycle License

Motorcycle-only License

You can opt for a motorcycle only license instead of a motorcycle endorsement. To do so, you will need to fill and submit the same paperwork as those of a motorcycle endorsement. However, you won’t be required to pass tests on a four-wheel vehicle.

Are You New to West Virginia?

If you are a new resident in West Virginia but you already have a motorcycle endorsement on your driving license, you can transfer your current motorcycle endorsement at the same time you are transferring your driver’s license.

Training Courses

There are several motorcycle training and safety courses that you can enroll in. It will be of your own benefit if you pass these courses. No matter how well you ride a motorcycle or how clean your driving record is; none of us is as experienced as Easy Rider’s Peter Fonda. You will have to pass at least two motorcycle training courses to be on the safer side.

West Virginia Motorcycle Safety Program

The West Virginia Motorcycle Safety Program (WVMSP) partnered with Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) offers training programs to West Virginia motorcycle riders. These courses are taught by Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructors. Those who successfully pass these courses get many rewards. They are exempted from taking other tests required to obtain a West Virginia motorcycle licenses or endorsements. For more information about these courses, visit www.wv-msp.org.