Safety Laws in Arizona

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All front-car occupants in a vehicle built after 1972 must wear seatbelts. If they are using a shoulder belt, it must be adjusted and fastened appropriately as well. If you are a passenger aged 16 years old or under and not wearing a seat belt, you will be faced with a traffic citation. You will be exempted from this requirement if you hold a medical or physical disability waiver.

Child Car Seat Laws

When driving a vehicle, all kids less than 8 years old and with a height of 4 feet 9 inches or less must be fastened in a federally approved child restraint device. If they are caught without this device, you will face a $50 penalty. However, this requirement doesn’t apply for kids travelling in a vehicle designed for 10 or fewer passengers. The requirement also does not apply for a vehicle manufactured before 1972, a public transport vehicle, a school bus or a recreational vehicle. The type of child safety seat that your children passengers should use vary depending on weight, height and age of the child. The NHSTA website has guidelines that you can use when selecting the right safety seat for your child. In addition to the Arizona child car seat laws, the state also provides useful information on how to protect your child passenger. The state requires you to report any driver with a child passenger who is not properly restrained in a car. The number to call is (800) 505-BABY. You should record the vehicle’s location, state, license plate number and the position where the child is sitting.


The safety law in Arizona requires all motorcycle riders to wear protective eye gears such as goggles, sun glasses or transparent face-shield while riding on public roads and streets. Motor vehicle drivers are exempted from this requirement. All motorcycle riders and passengers must wear a helmet while riding on a motorcycle.

Cell Phones

Unless it is an emergency, school bus drivers are banned from using a cell phone on any kind while driving. All drivers regardless of license status, age and type of vehicle they are driving, are banned from texting while driving.


You must turn on your vehicle’s headlight immediately before sunrise and immediately after sunset.

Aggressive Drivers

If you spot any aggressive driver riding on public roads or streets, report them to your local police department. If it is an emergency, call 911.

Impaired Drivers

If you spot a driver who is driving while under the influence and he or she is a risk to the public, call 911 immediately. If it isn’t an emergency, report them to the Department of Public Safety in Arizona at (602) 223-2000. Before calling, record down the vehicle’s current location, make, model, year and license plate number, if possible.

Unattended vehicle or Animals

It is illegal to intentionally leave your vehicle in a situation that is likely to cause death or injury. You will be faced with a criminal offence. If you spot an unattended animal in a car and you believe that the animal is in danger, call your local security authorities immediately