Safety Laws in Arkansas

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You must turn on your headlights whenever you use your vehicle windshield wipers to clear raindrops and mist from your windscreen. The headlights must be turned on immediately 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise. Headlights must also be turned whenever visibility is less than 500 feet. It is illegal to drive your vehicle using only your parking lights.

Cell Phones and Texting

If you are under 18 years old, it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving. If you are aged between 18 years old and 20 years old, it is illegal to use a hand-held cell phone while driving along highway work and school zones. School bus drivers are not allowed to use cell phones while driving unless it is an emergency. All drivers in Arkansas State regardless of age are banned from texting while driving their motor vehicles.


All motorcycle riders under 21 years old must wear a helmet while riding on public roads and highways. All motorcycle riders in Arkansas regardless of age must wear protective eye gear while driving. These gears include, goggles, transparent face shield or sun glasses.

Safety Belts

The law requires all front-seat occupants aged 15 years old or older to wear seat belts. All occupants under 15 years old must wear special safety restraint. All occupants less than 60 pounds or under 15 years old must be fastened in a state approved seat.

Reporting Drunk Drivers

Currently, the statewide number to report problematic drivers is not available. However, the state encourages its residents to report any drunk or unsafe driver to the police or any relevant state agency.

Leaving Pets or Children Unattended

The state of Arkansas doesn’t have a law that prosecutes those drivers who leave pets or children unattended. However, common sense dictates that you should take caution if you are driving with unattended pet or child. If you spot an endangered child or animal, call 911 immediately.

Child Car Seat Laws

The child car seat law dictates that any child under 60 pounds or under 5 years old must be fasted in a state approved seat when they are in your vehicle.