Safety Laws in Missouri

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Seat Belts

All drivers in Missouri and front-car occupants are required by law to wear seat belts. Also, all drivers holding learner’s permits or intermediate licenses must wear seat belts.

Child Car Seat Laws

Safety belts are designed to keep adults safe in case of protection. However, in the event of a vehicle accident, they may not offer full protection to children. Therefore, Missouri has a child car seat law that requires children to ride in a different category of safety belts. This law states that:

  • Any kid less than 4 years old or weighing under 40 pounds must ride in a car restraint system designed for children.
  • Any kid between 4 years and 8 years old and whose height is less than 4 feet 9 inch with a weight of between 40 pounds and 80 pounds must ride in a booster seat or child passenger restraint system.
  • Kids older than 8 years old and weighing at least 80 pounds or taller than 4 feet 9 inches must ride in a booster seat or wear an appropriate safety belt.

Anybody caught violating the Missouri’s child safety law, will be nailed with a $50 fine. This law does not apply to occupants of public carrier for hire and children who travel in a school bus. If you want to schedule an appointment to have your child car seat installed or have any question about the child safety restraint laws in Missouri, contact the Missouri DOT at (800) 800-2358.

Reporting a Drunk Driver

If you spot a driver whom you believe is driving under the influence of alcohol, contact the law enforcement officers immediately. Don’t ever confront the suspected drunk driver by yourself since they may turn out to be violent. Call 911 and be sure to report the vehicle’s license plate number, description, current location and travel direction. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the following are signs that may indicate that the person behind the wheel is drunk:

  • Erratic braking.
  • Tailgating.
  • Nearly colliding with a stationary object or another vehicle.
  • Repeatedly drifting into opposing traffic.
  • Driving outside legally-designated roadways.
  • Improper use of signals.
  • Weaving across the road.


Missouri law requires all drivers to turn on headlights 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before 30 minutes, and whenever the weather reduces visibility on the road. Headlights must also be turned on whenever the windshields are in use.

Cell Phones and Texting

Missouri is one of the states without a law regarding the use of cell phones while driving. The states only bans texting for all drivers aged 21 years old or younger.


According to the Missouri safety law, all motorcycle riders, regardless of age, must wear safety helmets while riding on public roads. There is no helmet law for adult bicycle riders. However, the following jurisdiction requires minors to use helmets whenever they are riding:

  • Creve Coeur.
  • Columbia.
  • St. Louis County for unincorporated areas.
  • Florissant.
  • St. Charles.