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Back in 2008, I was not aware of the importance of checking your VIN or what VIN is. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) sounded so foreign to me. I was looking looking for a car found a Honda Civic 2007 for a good price. It felt like a great deal and I took the offer without doing a VIN check / inspection. Within the first few weeks, the car started making unsettling noises and I decided it was time to take it to the mechanic.

Turns out, the transmission was broken!

Well, being my regular naive self, I went around to get quotes to fix it. The cheapest was $10,000 for the car that I bought for $15,000. I gave up and declared the car to be salvage and off it goes. Got rid of it and never looked back.

If i could have run a simple junk/salvage vin check, this wouldn't have happened. That's how  VinFreeCheck was created.

About Us


John Balter

The Founder of the VinFreeCheck


Marta Locker

VinFreeCheck Marketing Whiz


Miles Calder

Our Dearest Lead Developer - who kept VFC engine running smoothly for years.