The Top 6 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs of 2022

The Top 6 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs of 2022

To some people, fuel efficiency and SUVs don’t exactly go hand in hand, what with the size of SUVs in general. But with technology improving, newer SUVs have become surprisingly economical in fuel usage. Hybrid SUV models are also becoming increasingly popular, especially with rising gas prices. In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration published findings stating hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicles made up 11% of light-duty vehicle sales in the United States. That’s still a lot of cars! Perhaps now might be the … Read more

Top 6 Cheapest 400hp Cars You Won’t Believe Are For Sale

Top 6 Cheapest 400hp Cars You Won't Believe Are For Sale

It must be nice to own the sportiest or the most luxurious car with a powerful engine and excellent handling to boot. I’m sure you’ve found yourself dreaming about the thrill of getting behind the wheel of one such car any time you see a Corvette or a Shelby roar past you in the streets. Or maybe you’ve watched one particular movie franchise countless times to see the characters get their game face on while driving in style. Getting a car with over 400hp these … Read more

The 6 Best Cars for Tall People for a Pleasant Ride [2022]

The 6 Best Cars for Tall People for a Pleasant Ride

You’ve probably been here before: you walk into your local second-hand dealership, looking for a car. You browse for a while, then see a car you’ve done some research on. Reviews say it’s a great vehicle with a good engine and handling. You ask and find that it’s on sale at a bargain. You open the door and take a step inside… and now you find your head touching the interior’s ceiling while your legs feel cramped even after adjusting the seat. Picking a car … Read more

Fast Cars Under 5k: The Best, Cheapest, and Fastest [2022]

Fast Cars Under 5k: The Best, Cheapest, and Fastest [2022]

Admittedly, we all have that deep desire to get into the front seat of a fast car and take it out for a speedy, stylish ride. The fact that automobile companies continue to release newer sports cars yearly shows that people still want to satiate their inner need for speed. On the other hand, car enthusiasts also tend to speak highly of older models that still perform excellently with the right amount of care – and with luck, you could snag one for yourself at … Read more

The 6 Best 300hp Cars That Are Worth the Price [2022]

The 6 Best 300hp Cars That Are Worth the Price

The impressive power and performance of a high-performance car are always sure to catch the eye of any car enthusiast. As technology improves, even the most powerful engines can make use of hybrid solutions for better performance while providing surprising fuel economy at the same time. However, that premium quality also comes with a hefty price tag. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a top-notch car with the horsepower you want. As competition ramps up between automakers, various attractive options will become … Read more

6 of the Fastest 4-cylinder Cars You Can Get in 2022

6 of the Fastest 4-cylinder cars in 2022

V8 and V12 engines are still the undisputed power plants of choice for automobile manufacturers looking to make their latest offerings stand out. In spite of this, there’s no denying that 4-cylinder cars have come a long way since the 80s and 90s. There have even been 4-cylinder engines that would give even a V8 a run for their money. The fastest 4-cylinder cars in 2022 are definitely able to stand their own against their V8 counterparts, delivering jaw-dropping acceleration, performance, and fuel efficiency – … Read more

5 of the Cheapest Turbo Cars You Can Buy In 2022

5 of the cheapest turbo cars you can buy in 2022

Turbo cars have come a long way since they were introduced in the 1960s. Today’s examples are much quieter and way more fuel-efficient than those made before the turn of the century. Government-imposed fuel economy regulations and global clean air standards that automakers must comply with have helped in this regard. However, their engines are also punchier and more refined than ever before, delivering a larger boost with less turbo lag. Thankfully, because automakers are making more of them, turbo cars are also becoming more … Read more

Top 5 Luxury Cars Under 30k (2022)

Top 5 Luxury Cars Under $30k 2022

Finding great luxury cars under 30k is a lot easier than you think. You’ll be surprised by how many luxury brands offer compelling new and used cars under the $30,000 dollars price range. The best luxury cars promise world-class safety features, performance, suspension, drive quality, as well as interiors to eager buyers. The cars we picked check off some of these boxes and hold onto their value and appreciate better than their counterparts. What We Looked for in Our Picks We singled out the most … Read more

5 of The Cheapest V8 Cars To Buy For 2022

5 of The Cheapest V8 Cars To Buy For 2022

The mighty V8 engine has been an American muscle-car staple for several decades. Its burbles and roars have been said to cause hairs to tingle and stir high adrenaline levels, and understandably so. Unfortunately, with constantly rising fuel prices, the global push for low carbon-emission cars, and the advent of electric vehicles, the demise of the V8 engine is imminent. Fewer and fewer automakers are making them. Volkswagen, for example, has said that it will have switched to all-electric powertrains by 2030; General Motors has … Read more

The 3 Best Electric Convertible Cars of 2022 and What’s Coming Soon

The 3 Best Electric Convertible Cars of 2022 and Whats Coming Soon

An electric convertible fulfills one of the major fantasies of EV lovers. With EVs dominating the sedan, SUV, and Hypercar divisions, it would seem the Electric Vehicle Convertible is one of the only categories where there are fewer good options for buyers. Great Convertible EVs are few and far in between, but there are options available if you know where to look. In this post, we’ll be looking at a few of the best electric convertible cars on the market and a few promising future … Read more