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What is a salvage title?

A salvage title is a vehicle title branding that indicates whether the vehicle has been damaged or deemed a total loss by an insurance company.

While the criteria for determining salvage title varies from state to state, it should be considered a red flag. Generally, damaged vehicles with uneconomical repair costs will be deemed salvage. In some states, a stolen or unrecovered vehicle may also be deemed salvage.

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If we have salvage records for a vehicle, we will provide you with the following information:

  • Vehicle Title
  • Mileage (odometer reading)
  • Primary Damage
  • Secondary Damage (if any)
  • Loss Type (damage details)

How does the Salvage Title Check Works?

Each year, millions of vehicles in the United States are deemed salvage. Over the last five years, the number of vehicles with salvage title on the market has increased nationwide by more than 50 percent. Many of these vehicles are often rebuilt and sold by sellers who fail to disclose the necessary salvage information.

VinFreeCheck helps consumers in protecting themselves from unknowingly buying salvage vehicles. We aim to provide information on salvage vehicles, vehicles damaged by hail, flood or fire, vehicles with mileage discrepancies or odometer rollback, and vehicles from the gray market.

While we provide information on damaged vehicles, we do not guarantee that the vehicles have a salvage title. VinFreeCheck discloses information on any recorded damage, in order to help you make an informed decision.