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AJS was the title employed for cars and motorcycles produced by the Wolverhampton, England company A. J. Stevens & Co. Ltd, from 1909 to 1931' 

The Stevens siblings started their career in the Stevens Screw Company, whose story started in 1800, because of their father Frederick Stevens. He built small 125cc 'Wearwell-Stevens' motorcycle engines in 1905. With that period, his sons made the decision to construct their very own motorcycles, putting on JAP engines.

The entire year 1911 introduced for AJS, the very first production motorcycle, the 'Model A,' which in fact had just one-cylinder 292cc side-valve motor with 2.75 hewlett packard. Annually later, in 1912, the organization put its first V-Twin 698cc three-speed 'Model D,' in the pub. The model had 6 hewlett packard. Being effective and appreciated, the organization received lots of orders, so, it built a brand new factory in Wolverhampton.

The 20's were great for AJS, now being created some models, in the 349cc single-cylinder 'Big Port' born in 1923, towards the 349cc racing model 'K7'.  On a single list there have been the 498cc OHC model 'K10,' and 'M10.' In 1921, the engine was raised to 800cc. Till 1931, when the organization started to see financial troubles, AJS designed a couple of cars with Meadows engines, manufactured vehicle physiques for Clyno making 200 buses and coaches.

In 1931, the organization was bought through the Collier siblings London company, Matchless as well as if  before long, the Stevens siblings began a brand new company as Stevens Siblings (Wolverhampton) Ltd to create 3 wheel delivery vans, they couldn't use AJS brand since it belonged towards the Colliers. The vans used a 588 cc single cylinder engine driving thetraink wheels via a 3 speed gearbox and chain drive. The final ones were created in 1936.

Till 1969, once the AJS brand disappeared permanently, a couple of bikes built under Matchless signature were launched, the AJS Model 33 to be the last AJS four stroke created. When we return, we must state that in 1938, Charlie and Harry Collier created 'Associated Motor Cycles' (AMC) in 1938 which is related that in 1966,  AMC was offered to Norton-Villiers, that was hidden in financial problems in 1974.

The V4 was the then another model, 'Porcupine,' having a 500cc parallel-twin. Within the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties, the organization was very happy with some models, the 7R, the 7R3, the 'Model 33,'  the 250 and 410 'Stormer,' and 'MX' motocross bike.

The time 1935-1936 introduced something totally new, Collier & Sons start the 'Vee 4' touring bike along with a racing form of this machine, with 55hp along with a top speed of 135mph, a supercharger putting on the signature of Arnold Zoller.

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