Arizona License Plate Lookup

Check any Arizona License Plate for vehicle history records

In Arizona, you must first register your vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to drive legally on public roads. Upon registration, you will be issued license plates for your vehicle.

When buying a car from a dealership, you will need a temporary license plate, allowing you to drive the vehicle legally until you receive the permanent license plates. If you purchase a vehicle from an individual seller, you must apply for a restricted permit, which allows you to drive the vehicle for inspection, titling, registration purposes, and to return home. This permit is valid for only three days.

It’s essential to conduct a license plate lookup or VIN check before finalizing your vehicle purchase. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-character code unique to each vehicle.

You can find the VIN in the following locations:

  • Driver’s side door jamb (the part that clicks when the door is closed)
  • Car insurance and title documents
  • On trailers, at the front part of the frame on the driver's side
  • On motorcycles, on the front frame

Checking the VIN provides you with a detailed, updated, and legal history of the vehicle.

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    Classic Car Hideout!📍

    Arizona's climate, particularly in areas like Phoenix and Tucson, is so dry and sunny that it is one of the best places to find well-preserved vintage cars. The arid environment helps prevent rust and other weather-related damage, making Arizona a popular location for classic car collectors to find and restore old vehicles. This has contributed to a vibrant classic car culture in the state, with numerous car shows and auctions held throughout the year.

    Where to find my Arizona plate number?

    Typically, your license plate number is readily visible on the plate attached to your car. However, if you need to find your car's license plate number without physical access to the vehicle, you can locate it on your Arizona vehicle registration document.

    Arizona Vehicle Registration Letter

    What info can I get from doing an Arizona license plate lookup?

    An Arizona license plate lookup provides access to a range of important information, including:

    • Whether the vehicle was used as collateral for a loan by a previous owner.
    • Records of accidents.
    • Manufacturer recalls for inadequate repairs or faulty parts.
    • Details such as the vehicle title, engine specifications, model, make, and year of manufacture.
    • Any damage from water, fire, etc.
    • Inspection reports.
    • Whether the vehicle has been flagged by authorities for reasons such as speeding, involvement in criminal activities, or being reported stolen.
    • Alerts about odometer fraud, where individuals may roll back the odometer to falsely suggest lower mileage, thus increasing the vehicle’s sale price.

    Getting a License Plate in Arizona

    As a resident, once you register your car in Arizona, it is required to undergo an emissions test. Any emission test reports from other states are not recognized in Arizona. To complete the vehicle registration process, your vehicle must pass the local smog and emissions test.

    However, some vehicles are exempt from this requirement. Exempt vehicles typically have the following characteristics:

    • They are five years old or newer.
    • They use alternative fuels.
    • They are gasoline-powered.
    • They were manufactured no later than 1967.

    It's important to note that vehicles meeting these criteria but have been modified must still undergo the emissions test.

    Types of Vehicle License Plates in Arizona

    There are two types of license plates available:

    • Standard License Plates: These feature the slogan “Grand Canyon State” and depict a setting sun behind a mountain.
    • Specialized License Plates: These come in various designs and are typically used by individuals who want to show support for a specific cause or college, or are members of certain organizations or institutions, such as charity or military license plates.
    Type of Arizona license plates

    To obtain a customized license plate, an additional fee is required.

    There are several rules to keep in mind when requesting personalized license plates:

    • The plates must not include vulgar language or symbols.
    • There is a specific limit on the number of characters that can be used.
    • Only numbers and capital letters are allowed on the plates.
    • You cannot select a plate number that is already in use.

    The cost of vehicle registration in Arizona largely varies depending on the services required during the registration process. Whether it's registering and titling your vehicle, obtaining a temporary permit to drive your vehicle to the DMV, or paying a license tax, you should visit the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles to determine the exact fees based on your specific needs.

    Renewal of License Plates in Arizona

    When your license plate registration expires, you must renew it to continue legally driving your vehicle in Arizona. The following items are required by law for license plate renewal:

    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • Your Identification Card
    • Renewal fee

    Is it Legal to Perform a Reverse License Plate Search?

    Yes, we adhere to the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) by ensuring that no personal details of the vehicle's owner are disclosed. Our license plate lookup performs a reverse search to retrieve the VIN number and access vehicle history reports, without revealing any personally identifiable information.

    Furthermore, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), individuals have the right to access information held by the government. Therefore, using our auto license plate lookup tool is completely legal and free of charge!

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