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ATK is definitely an off-road motorcycle manufacturer in Utah, USA, founded by an Austrian engineer, Horst Leitner, in 1980. The title "ATK" may be the abreviation from the device which Leitner patented to be able to eliminate chain torque for any better handling. The unit was known as Anti Tension Kettenantreib, in the German "chain drive".

Horst Leitner, the previous 500GP racer, established fact because he designed the ATK 560, ATK 640, ATK 407 within the eighties and also the Horst link design, considered an essential suspension system, at the outset of the 90's. The Horst Link is some rear pivots situated around the chainstay just beneath and while watching rear drop-out.

Following the ATK 700 made an appearance lots of trial addicted motorcyclists belief that the XR650R from Honda is no more the worst grime bike on the planet. The XR650R has won every Baja 1000, 500 and San Felipe 250 it's ever joined.

450 XC, among the ATK bikes, includes a 446cc engine which evolves 46 Hewlett Packard at 11500 revolutions per minute. Launched in the year 2006, its fuel injection and electric start, Ohlins headgear and off-road tires. The bike isn't heavy whatsoever, with simply 242 pounds with simply 2.6 gallons of fuel within the tank.

In 2003, ATK bought the rest of the inventory of Cannondale Motorsports, which managed to get, easy to add ATVs for their products. Annually later, ATK required to begin with within the Grand National Mix Country Championship and 2 Canadian National titles.

Presently, ATK may be the only remaining off-road motorcycle manufacturer within the U. S. States.

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