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Patrick Barigault thought about being a champion in race, but since the lake was this is not on his side, he made the decision to convey themselves by creating motorcycles rather. In 1976 he handled to create the very first chassis, while using the platform of the Bultaco 250. It was the initial step. Being deeply in love with four stroke engines, Barigault first produced a chassis for this kind of engine. While using the Honda XLS500 engine, the HB500 (Honda Barigo) was created.

Every year, the Barigo motorcycles were beginning to become appreciated in lots of worldwide competitions, such as the Tunis Rally Raid almost 30 years ago and also the Paris-Dakar the year after. In 1983, a brand new Barigo motorcycle was created, the 560 GRS, produced for that Special Raid.

Within the same year, Barigo was requested to produce a motorcycle for that BMW team. This bike grew to become the very first Barigo engine by having an aluminum frame, also it was designed to participate in an enduro race. It never did. After these motorcycles, Barigo began a colaboration with engine manufacturer Rotax, thus allowing the 500 RCB, 500RB and also the Barigo 350 Military.

In the finish of 1984, new made its debut: the 600 Baja, whichwas said to be an alternate for that RB and RCB models. Meanwhile, Patrick produced a really interesting prototype, the F1 Desert. Regrettably, couple of F1 models according to 650cc and 750cc Ducati engines were ever created.

In 1986, a supermotard was produced, known as "La Magie Noire". Its title could be transformed into Tanagra though, since "Magie Noire" had been a reputation for a Lancome perfume. Getting 55HP and just 120Kgs, this bike  might have been a genuine hit, when the company's financial problems had not been so serious.

A couple of years later, in 1993, regardless of the continuous money problem, Barigo handled to thrill again using the 600 Onixa and also the GT for police use. Both of these models did not exactly sell in huge amounts though, so Barigo transformed their plans and produced a scooter known as Barilec. Before long, in 1997, the organization closed its doorways permanently and also the adventure was over.

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