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Benelli is defined an Italian motorcycle manufacturing company founded in 1911, in Pesaro, Italia. Initially Teresa Benelli. Once she grew to become a widow, she invested her money right into a company to ensure that her six sons to obtain a decent job. In the beginning, the organization was known as Benelli Garage and handled the repair of cars and motorcycles, and may also make the spares required for individual repairs.

Benelli went through some rough time, as all European motorcycle producers did, when Japanese companies joined the echo market. Even though they were selling lots of bikes around the American market, through the late 70s came Benelli stopped production.

At the current moment, an Italian man, manufacturer belongs to china group Qianjiang.

In 2 years time, Benelli grew to become thinking about Motorsports and sent Tonino Benelli around the track to ride a racing form of the business's first bike. Following a couple of years, Tonino grew to become effective in Motorsports and riding a Benelli 175 won an Italian man, championship in 1927, 1928, 1930 and 1931. Annually after his latest success (1932), Tonino tragically died in a road accident.

Simply because they were excellent producers and somewhat engineers, the Benelli boys emerged in 1920 using their first engine created completely in-house. It had been a 75 cc single-cylinder two stroke engine also it was modified to some bicycle frame. In 1921, the organization built its first motorcycle, in line with the 75 cc engine, which in fact had become at that time a 98 cc one.

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