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BFG may be the abbreviation from Louis Boccardo, Dominique Favarios and Terry Grange who designed a concept for any motorcycle late in 1977. The strange factor within this story could be that the bike was built with a vehicle engine. 3 years later, the very first motorcycles were built and offered, in France they Police been thinking about 100s of bikes.

At the beginning, the bike was considered revolutionary and for your idea, the 3 Mohicans who handled to place a vehicle engine right into a motorcycle frame were set to fabricate 450 machines with GS Citroen engines.

He continued fantasizing and manufactured four motorcycles with AX Citroen engine. Because his goal was to produce a Diesel, Motorcycle, he developed a frame and placed the diesel Peugeot engine in the AX Citroen. This prototype motorcycle was number "".

Regrettably, some financial problems were the reason behind the development cease in 1988. Even when he unsuccessful, Boccardo didn't quit. He designed another bike, known as MF, using the heat of the Citroen LN. It appeared the stars were against him, as this project unsuccessful again.

It had been a G13/646 type, 1299cc engine, with 4 flat opposed air cooled cylinders, in a position to create an energy of 70bhp at 5500rpm along with a torque of 100 NM at 3250rpm. The bike could achieve a high speed of 190 km/h. Being considered an essential accomplishment from the French technology, the leader Francois Mitterand offered Juan Carlos, the king of The country, a BFG, in 1982.

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