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The Bimota motorcycle brand came into existence thanks to a motor race accident that left the founder, Massimo Tamburini, with three rib fractures in 1972. Massimo crushed his 750 four Honda in the Misano racetrack.

During his recuperation, Massimo used his free time to build a tubal steel frame that could withstand the horsepower produced by Japanese engines.

The frame could lower the center of gravity, which reduced the weight of the Honda. The steel frame was used to create the HB1, which marked the beginning of Bimota. Unfortunately, only ten of these bikes were ever built.

The failed success of the first bikes did not deter Massimo’s effort, determination, and enthusiasm. It is his self-motivation that drove Bimota to success. Throughout the 1970s, the brand produced racing frames that were loved by bike racers. The YB1, YB2, YB3, and SB1, as well as the HDB1 and HDB2, were very superior frames and gave an idea of what a racing bike frame should be.

In 1977, the company discovered a niche that had not been ventured in. This led the company to start the production of high-performance bikes exclusively. Some of these bikes were sold as kits. In the 1980s, Bimota enjoyed great corporate success with their creations breaking records on racetracks. During this period, the company also started producing street and open road dream machines.

In 1983, Massimo Tamburini was replaced by Frederico Martini as the head of the brand. The replacement had previously worked with Ducati and thus possessed a wealth of experience that he used to further the success of the Bimota brand. With Federico on the realm, Bimota was able to develop, produce, and apply concepts he has learned during his time at Ducati. These concepts were famously used in the Bimota bikes all through the 1990s.

Even with the change in management, Bimota is still an award-winning manufacturer.

Interesting Facts about Bimota

  • Bimota was founded as a result of an accident that left the founder with three broken ribs
  • The tubal steel frame was created during Massimo’s recuperation period.
  • The Bimota name is coined from Massimo’s names, Bianchi, Morri, and Tamburini.
  • The YB and HDB series by Bimota were game-changers in the racing world.
  • The KB1 bike was the most successful make by Bimota and is famous to date.
  • Bimota has won the Motorcycles Designs Award in the Supersport category thanks to the DB5 model.


BIMOTA DB 1984 - 2016 70
BIMOTA Tesi 1989 - 2016 18
BIMOTA YB 1986 - 1998 33
BIMOTA KB 1977 - 1983 3
BIMOTA SB 1977 - 2004 22
BIMOTA BB 1993 - present 5
BIMOTA HB 1974 - 2010 5
BIMOTA 666 2002 - 2005 1
BIMOTA 500 1997 - 1999 2

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