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Bimota is an extremely youthful Italian motorcycle manufacturer, founded in 1973 by Bianchi, Morri and Tamburini. The title of the organization consists of the very first two letters of the names, BI-from Bianch, MO-from Morri and TA-from Tamburini. Their first notable motorcycle was the SB2, run by a Suzuki GS750 motor, essentially a higher-quality, “tricked out” GS750.

Management changes again in 2000 in addition to a new model arrives, the SB8R created in ABS plastic and carbon fiber. This model was once more utilizing a Suzuki model, only that this time around the engine was enveloped inside an aluminum and carbon fiber frame.

Regrettably for Bimota, Martini left the organization at the outset of the nineteen nineties, but he was rapidly changing with Pierluigi Marconi. The organization then concentrates on making models with aircraft allow frames, the most crucial to be the YB8, YB8e, YB8 Furano, YB9 Bellaria, YB9sr, YB9sri, YB10, YB10 Biposto, YB11, DB2, DB2sr, DB2ef, DB3 Mantra - SB6, SB6R, SB7, SB8R Supermono, Supermono Biposto and also the 500 video.

Within the eighties the organization adopted its effective path, even tough Tamburini left the organization in 1983. He was soon changed by Federico Martini, who formerly labored for Ducati and shared his understanding to produce the DB1 run by the Ducati 750. Probably the most representative models for Bimota with in the eighties were HB2, HB3, SB3, SB4, SB5, YB4ei, YB6, YB6 Exup, YB6 Tuatara, KB2, KB3, DB1se and DB1rs.

Other notable models from Bimota would be the YB1, YB2, HDB1, HDB2 and SB1, a model that has been intended for individuals serious racers, because Bimota saw a brand new marketplace for high-performance bikes. Additionally, they offered their bikes as kits, for individuals who wanted to have their hands dirty. Their most effective model was the KB1.

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