What is a Title Lien?

A title lien is an encumbrance executed upon a car to serve as a security for the payment of a debt or performance of an obligation. It is simply a burden on the car title. For example, you borrowed money from the bank. You will execute a chattel mortgage over the car, meaning that you are subjecting the car to answer for the debt in case you are not able to pay your debt. However, this is not the only type of lien that can … Read more

What Does VFC FREE Vehicle History Report Contains?

Every dollar counts. So nobody can blame you when you find it hard to part with your hard earned money for something you are not even sure is worth it. Having a car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) checked has repercussions that you can prevent to avoid spending much more than your car’s purchase price. Title History A Vehicle History Report (VHR) or otherwise known as a VIN check contains a car’s vital statistics. Most vehicle history reports prioritize title information. The latter shows if the car’s … Read more

What is a VIN Number?

All vehicles being sold in the United States of America are required to have the 17-digit identification code known as VIN number, in order to efficiently identify them. The VIN is uniformly created according to its manufacturer, year of creation, model, country of origin, and more other things. Manufacturers have used the VIN since 1954. Prior to 1981, there wasn’t a standard format for VIN. Every automotive manufacturer had their respective VIN standard. In 1981, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standardized the format of VIN. … Read more

Reminders When Adding Cars to Your Car Insurance

A newly acquired car in addition to your old one would mean a need for a new car insurance coverage. Adding a car to your auto insurance policy can prove to be more economical than getting a separate insurance policy for your newly acquired automobile. Car insurance companies offer discounts for covering more cars in a policy to attract more business and customers. Below are some helpful reminders when adding a car to your auto insurance policy. Prepare the information you need To be systematic … Read more

Late Auto Insurance Payments: Penalties and Effects

Somebody should have told you that insurance companies are impression-based. You must not take it personally because providing insurance to the public is a business. The list below will tell you not only the penalties but also the repercussions of late auto insurance payments. Cancellation due to non-payment The insurance company may have to cancel your policy when you do not pay on time. While life insurance policies usually have a grace period, not all auto insurance companies allow a grace period within which you … Read more

What are Title Brands?

Title brands are not what you think they are. They do not represent a “brand name” as we know it, for example: Ford. Title brands carry a negative connotation with them. A title brand has everything to do with a vehicle’s history. It is usually indicated in a car’s certificate of registration. When buying a vehicle, pretending to be Nancy Drew or Hercule Poirot can be useful. You have to play detective to know a vehicle’s past. What do title brands tell us? Title brands … Read more

When Should I Assume Higher Risk With Auto Insurance?

Assuming a higher risk with respect to your auto insurance depends on your choices and your current situation. Just because you have money in the bank or you are tightening belts during the rainy days does not mean that you have to opt for a higher risk with auto insurance or opt for a lower one. You would be surprised to know that choosing to assume a higher risk does not entirely depend on how much money you have on hand or how broke you … Read more

Auto Insurance Endorsement

There will come a point that your auto insurance needs or your financial situation may change which will force or require you to make changes on your existing auto insurance policy. And this is where auto insurance endorsement comes in. Basically, an auto insurance endorsement refers to the changes that you may want to do on your existing auto insurance coverage policy. These changes can be to expand it or to restrict coverage with the former giving you more benefits but getting you higher premium … Read more

Understanding a Vehicle History Report

When you order a Vehicle History Report from any company of your choice, you will get a detailed report, which you may find hard to read or understand. You may get confused with phrases like Salvage auctions, insurance loss, vehicle events and several other phrases. A mechanic will tell you that the information that these phrases carry is nothing more than just a detailed vehicle report. The major categories of a VHR include Title History, Odometer Evaluation and Vehicle Events. Title History Title History contains … Read more

What is a Vehicle History Report?

You are shopping for a second hand car and you happen to get a deal that seems best for you. Looking at the price of that car you realize it’s within the reach of your pocket. The look and its description are great too. You are about to table your offer but suddenly you get a second thought: Why is the dealer selling the car? Is the car really in good condition? What if he is hiding something from me? Is this car really worth … Read more