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Everything started having a dream, in 1986, when John Britten from NZ made the decision the time had come to "refresh" his Ducati. He wanted a brand new body work, a brand new engine, actually he wanted something different. So he designed two new engines, two AERO bikes featuring a long aerodynamic front, with spoilers along with a special bodywork.

Next, there have been the Britten V1000 and also the Britten V1100, with energy approximately 155 and 170 Hewlett Packard. Both bikes demonstrated to "run constantly creators" being recognized in races due to the second and 3rd places within the Fight from the Twins in Daytona.

Everything was, in the beginning, a spare time activity inside a garage, but before long the Brittens was recognized around the globe for his or her energy. For individual bikes, John Britten used light carbon fiber, which permitted the machines to achieve more energy. 

John Britten was created on August 1950 and growing up he loved engines, building go-karts. At age 13, he handled to exhibit his talent rebuilding an Indian Scout motorcycle. After finishing school and traveling through Europe, Britten came back to NZ and entered business, creating glass lighting. At age 32, John has been trying to a motorbike the perception of almost 2 years, which was exactly why he set up the Britten Motorcycle Company in 1992.

The first, having a Ducati engine, known as AERO-D-ZERO, was built-in 1985 and operate on the track later, reaching a high speed of 234 kph. In 1988 and 1990, the bike won some speed tests because of individuals 242 kph and 247 kph correspondingly. Later, John required the AERO bodywork and produced a , AERO-D-ONE, competed later. The bike was up on the market from racing twelve months later, after breaking a gudgeon pin in the Seem of Thunder Meeting.

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